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Turbulent monsoon session likely from today

Assembly: After boycotting CM’s tea party,Opposition ready to corner government

The three-week long monsoon session of the Maharashtra Assembly is likely to get off to a turbulent start,with the Opposition planning to corner the state government on the rising prices of essential commodities.

The Opposition is also likely to vociferously resist the extension given to the “powerless” Chitale committee inquiring into the irrigation projects in the state.

The Opposition set the stage for a confrontation by deciding to boycott the customary tea party hosted by the chief minister a day before the start of the Assembly session.

“If the state government is repeatedly ignoring the issues that are being raised by the combined Opposition and trying to roughshod all decisions based on brute majority,what is the point of attending the tea party,” Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Vinod Tawde said during the customary press conference held by the combined opposition on Sunday.


“In spite of the fact that the Opposition has managed to expose the irrigation scam with adequate proof,the state chose not to take cognisance of the matter and decided to set up a toothless inquiry commission. Why should we cooperate with such a government?” Tawde added.

The Opposition,meanwhile,is also likely to raise the issue of “disproportionate” relief dispensation by the state government during the recent drought.

“We will raise the issue of corruption and the misappropriation of funds during the drought relief work. There were certain areas that were given more preference during the relief operations,” said Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Eknath Khadse.

The Opposition said the government had mishandled the drought relief work and people close to serving ministers gained from the contracts allotted to mitigate the effects of drought in various regions.

Taking on Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s statement in Sangli directed at Industries Minister Narayan Rane where he had alleged that his fellow cabinet minister was a criminal,Opposition members said they had no interest in working with a government full of criminals.

“Recently,one of the ministers himself had spoken about the criminal background of his fellow minister. The Maharashtra cabinet has now become a gang of criminals headed by the chief minister,” Khadse said.