Tell us: Is the ‘trust deficit’ between govt and Army,highlighted by IE report,bridgeable?

The Indian Express has reported details of an unusual,non-notified movement of two Army units towards Delhi on January 16-17.

Published: April 5, 2012 3:59:24 pm

The Indian Express on Wednesday reported details of an unusual,non-notified movement of two key Army units from Hisar and Agra towards Delhi on January 16-17,only some hours after Gen. Singh went to the Supreme Court against the government on the issue of his date of birth.

The movement triggered confusion in the government,and Defence Secretary Sharma flew back from Malaysia ahead of schedule. The Army units,which had reached close to Delhi’s outskirts,were halted and sent back.

Do you think there is a ‘trust deficit’ between the government and the Armed Forces? Can this be bridged? Tell us.

Twitter reactions

V krishnan:@IndianExpress there is a bigger trust deficit between readers and the editor on standards of reporting

Vikash Bagri‏:@IndianExpress there is no trust deficit! Express is working on payroll of certain lobbyists and politicians! hope 2 see S.Gupta in RS soon!

Maloy:@IndianExpress Your report is bogus

Vibrantdemocrat: @IndianExpress #IE is unnecessarily sensationalizing issues of national interest. It is crime against the nation & demand immediate action.

Facebook reactions

Chanakya Takle: ‎”bridgeable”? that report about a coup was a complete farce!! Its a shame you are resorting to blatant sensationalism!

Chanakya Takle: i used to love the indian express paper for its investigative journalism,i still do read it,but articles like these will only tarnish its own image.

Jojo King: Stop your paid campaign against the Gen.VK Singh and Indian Army. You must have paid by some domestic and oveseas Arms importers. You are not doing the duty of Media people instead you are acting like a servants of US Arms Exporters Maffia. If our Indian Army Soldeiers stand strong in Border then only you will be able to work in your office in Delhi in ITO. otherwise you will have to shift your office to Pakisthan or Tibet or PoK

Bankim Sutaria: Sekhar Gupta wants to devide this country.

Crocodileros Anthropogeoble: We are in the ‘ i eat you,you eat me’ situation. (Mark) Antony is the Defence Minister,who is Caesa and where is Brutus,Cleopatra is Quiet.

Vidya Shukla: These days journalism is without any accountability and social responsibility.Yes it’s total sensationalism.

Lal Bahadur Yadav: Indian Express exposed itself…..Shekhar Gupta & co. is batting for arm lobbyiests……..they have ashamed the democracy

Vatsal Shah: As said by GREAT CHANAKYA : Every step taken wether good or bad is “good” if the mission / destination is good for country

Vatsal Shah: Sapan Indian Express would not be having any intrest to “defame” Indian Army or Air Force or Navy. The one who are defaming country and armed forces are those SOB politicians

Tejas Patel: Has the story been leaked to Mr Shekhar Gupta by a Senior Minister in the UPA government who is already in soup due to other scams? A report in Sunday Guardian suggests so. The information in the story was already in public domain via Rediff. But the minister concerned attributed motives to those facts and IE carried it. So much for ‘Journalism of Courage’. The ‘C’ is not coup but ‘Conspiracy’. The conspiracy to defame the Army Chief for being honest.

Maneesh Verma: Of course! Trust-deficit can be replaced with utter Chaos? Sensational sense of apathy,negligence per se & confusion! Coordination failure,lack of basic communication? Anarchist mode of governance! Sad!

Shitanshu Sinha: no one disagrees to the fact that the governance is bad.

but a coup cannot be the answer

there is no such thing as a good military coup.

Vatsal Shah: INDIAN EXPRESS if this article by u is correct,pl contact VK Singh and tell him to attack delhi. Its now needed to save india

Aparna Datar: No it does not….u r full of crap…..

Ashutosh Anand: If Indian Army is so naive dat it thinks it can rule more than billion population with tanks..God save now.

Aparna Datar: and maybe u benefitted thru crores of rupees …taxpayer rupees…that this minister…kapil sibbal maybe gave you??!!!hey look we need vigilant press not fraudulent and stupid press….

Vishal Mannanal: Your team missed April 1 for publishing your planned “Military advance story”. Next time,please make it on time:),but not at the cost of people who are protecting us

Maneesh Verma: Kapil Sibbal & Ahmed Patel are the real bad boys. Sibal is a fam liar!

Viren Rambiritch: Is this a reflection of the trust deficit or the misguided loyalties of the perpetrators. Loyalty to country requires substance. What would be achieved by this act. Will the republic be overthrown. Foolhardy action not becoming of yhje office.

Dilip Ganatra: it is bridgeable if govt wants

Latha Iyer: IE stop Yellow Journalism. Better change ur tagline to “Journalism of Garbage”. We don’t need paid news. u r only undermining the efforts of ur gr8 founder shri Ramnath Goenkaji.

Parmeet Guleria: Don’t play with the ppl who r sacrificing themselves at a vry young that we live long……..

That’s indian army ..i lov my army..

Viji Nalavadi:India experienced .emergency rule’once in history.If it hasn’t happened before does not mean that a disaster can never happen. It is comforting to know somebody’s senses are alert.. That having said,I think the truth of the matter should come out and IE should play a big role in this. It is not a small matter to demoralise our troops since this might do harm to our security.So,TRUST DEFICIT is bridgeable and must be BRIDGED.IE msut play a big role in this..It is aleady int he waters and has to finish up what it started

Rajat Rana: MAkes me believe what Subramanium Swamy says about Congress and P Chidambram.

Arvind Baliga: Not as long as our politicians are unexposed to any form of organized activity whether defence/railways/atomic energy and so on.

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