Teething trouble in requisition of aircraft: NSG

National Security Guard said that there were teething troubles involved in requisition of aircraft which required some fine-tuning.

Written by Raghvendra Rao | New Delhi | Published: February 11, 2009 3:05:17 pm

Days after being empowered by the Ministry of Home Affairs to requisition aircraft from any aircraft operator registered in India,the National Security Guard (NSG) on Wednesday said that there were “teething troubles” involved in this move which required some fine-tuning.

“The Standard Operating Procedures for requisitioning aircraft need to be streamlined. Issues like what is the prescribed format to make such a requisition,what particulars are to be mentioned in the format,whom to contact in a crisis and how much time should we get the aircraft in need to be fine-tuned,” NSG Director General Jyoti Krishan Dutt said on Wednesday.

The NSG chief added that several issues,like the fitness of a private aircraft and availability of crew could be of critical concern in a crisis situation where the NSG requisitions a plane.

Dutt also added that as per the latest gazette notification,the Director General of NSG or an Inspector General authorized by DG NSG have been authorized to requisition aircraft from any operator registered in India in the interest of public safety for public service. However,the elite commando force is concerned over the workability of the move given the fact that an IG level officer may not be available at any of the four new regional hubs which the force is in the process of setting up. “There are a few teething troubles like these are being sorted out. We have already had a meeting over the issue,” Dutt said.

Asked about the movement on the setting up of NSG’s regional hubs,Dutt said that the government had already sanctioned the manpower for these hubs and personnel from Central Police Organisations and Indian Army would come within this month following which they will be put through a pre-induction course before being finally inducted into the NSG. Around 250 personnel per regional hub are likely to recruited.

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