Surat couple gets divorce through video conference

Surat couple gets divorce through video conference

A family court in Surat granted divorce to couple after taking statement of through video conference.

A family court in Surat city has granted divorce to a couple after taking statement of the husband through video conference a few days ago.

The divorce was granted on Wednesday evening. Purvi,a resident of Rander,had married Jagdeep Mehta,a resident of Bardoli,on December 12,1994.

After a few years,she lefther in-laws house and her two children,alleging “regular torture” and started staying with her parents. Later,she lodged a complaint against her in-laws with the Rander police station. Acting on the complaint,police had arrested the accused and later they were bailed out. When the case was under process in the Judicial Magistrate Court,both the parties decided

to withdraw the case with mutual understanding. Both the children were staying with their father Jagdeep. Meantime,Jagdeep went to the USA with his children a few years ago. The couple had finally decided to officially get separated as a result of which Jagdeep appointed an advocate,Gautam Desai,as attorney holder and filed divorce application with the family court few months ago. As Jagdeep was in US,the court had finally taken his statements through video conferencing few days ago. The marriage finally ended in divorce with the court order on Wednesday evening. Advocate Desai said,“We have requested the family court that as Jagdeep cannot come down to Surat,we appealed to go ahead with the case through video conference system. The court had approved our request and finally statements of Jagdeep was taken and it was granted. We expect that such system will be benefited to many petitioners in family court.”