Shortage of basic life saving medicines in valley hospital

Each ward in the valley's premier hospital is bereft of basic medical amenities like resuscitation equipment,BP apparatus and basic dressing materials.

Written by Sumayyah Qureshi | Srinagar | Published: February 7, 2009 4:44:04 pm

From a thermometer to urine bags,patients in Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) face shortage of all drugs – essential to run the very basic operations. Each ward in the valley’s premier hospital is bereft of basic medical amenities like resuscitation equipment,BP apparatus,dressing materials,Betadine,cotton and savlon.

The Cardiology ward which is the ward 1 of the valley’s biggest hospital is short of many important medicines which include life saving drugs like adrenaline,xylocaine and carnosin/adenosine.

The ward does not have even anti-biotics like ciprofloxin,gentamycin and ceftriaxone injections too. For some tests like INR (International normalized ratio) and ST analysis patients have to go out to get them done privately. Both the officials and attendants say that these facilities are not available in the hospital. “I have to purchase all the medicines from outside the hospital and it costs me no less than 900 a day,” said an attendant,Abdul Rashid.

“The doctors tell us these medicines will be provided by the hospital. But each time,we go to them,they ask us this time there is a shortage”.

Ward 2 A,the Accident and emergency ward of the hospital is running short of urine bags,ryle tubes used for feeding and other purposes,heparin,savlon,disposable gloves,rubber gloves,thermometer and a number of injections like Voveran (pain killer),Reglan (for vomiting),Kcl (Electrolyte replacement),Avil (Anti allergy),Lasix (diuretic),hydro-cortisone (Life saving) and xylocaine jelly,which is a lubricant needed for catheterization and Ryle’s tube placement.

The ward is also short of anti-biotics Vancomycin,Cefipime and Amikicin injections. “The hospital provides us with no medicine and these medicines are very costly,” said an attendant who refused to be named.

Among other medicines,Ceftriaxone are also not available for the patients.

Ward 3 A – the Gastro-enterology Ward is short of life saving Potassium Chloride injection,Vitamin K injection (for Liver support),Pentaprazole (anti-ulcer) and Ranitidine (anti-ulcer). “We don’t have disposable gloves and rubber gloves. These are essential as we have to treat hepatitis patients,” said an official on duty who wished anonymity.

The Ward also has no xylocain jelly,urinary bags and Ryle tubes. The patients also have to buy coagulation (to check clotting capacity of blood) and hepatic serology kits (used in virus test for jaundice).

Ward 4 A – The Nephrology ward is short of Pentoprozole injections and tablets,Torsemide (di-uretic) ,antibiotics like Amikacin,Vancomycin,Ceftriaxone,Salbactum,Monobactum and Traxol among others. “I am preparing a list of these medicines which we don’t have in our ward this time and which are very vital for these patients,” said an official on duty.

“We are regularly short of these medicines and it is a huge problem for the dialysis patients”. The ward does not have even dialysis catheters and anti-hypertensive medications.

Doctors were on round in most of the wards checking the patients. However,the Endocrinology ward was unattended. No doctor or any other official was available. Even the nurses who look after the patients were off duty. In fact,the patients had to buy insulin and glucose strips from the market.

In the Plastic Surgery Ward,patients have to bear the brunt of non-availability of blood and albumin. The ward does not even have dressing material and antibiotics available. “Our patient needs some blood and albumin and the hospital is not providing that. We are not in a position to buy it,” said an attendant Ali Mohammed.

To make it come full circle the Neonatology or the Pediatric ward the number of ventilators for the sick babies is insufficient. The ward does not have sufficient incubators,photo-therapy equipment and the supply of basic antibiotics.

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