Sheena’s resignation letter reached her office HR dept days after death

Sheena’s resignation letter reached her office HR dept days after death

She took leave of absence on April 24, 2012, and while she was on leave, she sent her written resignation, says MMOPL official.

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The site near Gagode Khurd village in Pen taluka of Raigad district where the remains of the body were found. (Express Photo by: Sandeep Daundkar)

Sheena Bora’s resignation letter to the Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) was dated May 3, 2012 — eight days after she was suspected to have been killed and her charred body dumped in the forest around Pen district, Raigad. The letter reportedly cited personal problems and thanked her superiors for her short stint at MMOPL.

Senior officials at MMOPL on Wednesday confirmed they were probing the signature on the letter. The letter was addressed to the human resources (HR) department of MMOPL Andheri headquarters. Bora, then 22, worked as an assistant manager in the HR department for less than a year.

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Minutes after Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria revealed the date of murder as April 24, 2012, the MMOPL released an official statement confirming that she went on leave on the same day.



“Ms Sheena Bora had joined Mumbai Metro as an assistant manager on 20th June, 2011. She took leave of absence on 24th April, 2012 and while she was on leave, she sent her written resignation,” said an MMOPL spokesperson. Sources said they were checking if this letter was sent via email or post.

Officials in MMOPL said they then believed she had left the city for a family function in Guwahati, as her leave was not formally sanctioned by her superiors. Following the news of her murder, MMOPL on Wednesday began an investigation into all correspondence between her and the company.

Sources confirmed that they had also traced a “work report” from Bora’s email address which was sent to the official email of her superiors in the last week of April 2012. The email had the monthly MIS (management information system) report which was assigned to her. Officials found this email was sent days after her leave application. Bora would sent the MIS report every month on the subjects assigned.

The agency, meanwhile, is matching Bora’s signature with the signature in their recruitment records and official records.

According to MMOPL officials, the HR department made several attempts to persuade Bora to stay, but she “was not reachable over the phone.” An official said when an HR official went to her residence in Bandra to try and convince her to withdraw her resignation, they were informed that “Bora was not at home.”

Sources said that after there was no response from Bora, the HR department “closed her file” in the third week of May 2012. MMOPL officials remembered Bora as a “dedicated girl” who stuck to deadlines. “She was young and always asking questions. Her resignation was a shock to us but we had to accept the fact. But the news of her death is still hard to believe,” said a colleague and senior official.

Another colleague recalled that Bora would be “infuriated” when she was introduced as Indrani Mukerjea’s sister. “Bora told me that her mother tried to portray herself as a young woman,” said the colleague.

Sheena was called one last time to finish the HR formalities in May 2012, but she never made it to the exit interview.