Row in Himachal House over Advocate General’s fee,emoluments

Row in Himachal House over Advocate General’s fee,emoluments

BJP alleged undue favour and regional bias.

Alleging undue favours and regional bias,the BJP today racked up the issue of emoluments and fee approved for the state’s Advocate-General,which the opposition alleged was much higher side than the Rs 80,000 per month drawn by his predecessor during the BJP regime.

The issue was first raised in the Assembly by BJP MLA Ravinder Ravi,who sought information on Additional Advocate Generals,Deputy Advocate Generals and Assistant AGs,along with their personal details,including income-tax returns.

Ravi waved copies of the government notifications in the House alleging that the Advocate General,who hails from Shimla district,has been sanctioned emoluments in lakhs that include a high retainership and Rs 2,500 fee for per case appearance,beside travelling expense and conference fee,appearance in courts/tribunals outside the state.

“The calculated per day earnings run into lakhs,” Ravi alleged,demanding a reply from Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.


“Please read your question wherein you have simply asked for details about additional,deputy and assistant advocate generals,not about AG in particular. I can’t reply to an issue you are trying to add verbally as an after-thought,” said Virbhadra Singh,triggering protests on the BJP side.

Ravi pulled out papers from his file asserting that if the Chief Minister doesn’t intend to reply,he will inform the people of the state through this House and media. “I have used RTI to get the information,” he declared and started reading out figures but Speaker B B L Butail stopped him.