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Ransom would not have saved Aditya Ranka

Police say accused always intended to kill kidnapped teen.

Aditya Ranka (13),who was kidnapped and killed for ransom,would not have got freedom even if his father,diamond broker Jitendra,had paid money,interrogation of arrested accused Himanshu Ranka and Vijesh Sanghvi has revealed.

Police said Thursday Himanshu,first cousin of Aditya,and Vijesh,a friend of the family for the past 10 years,who allegedly committed the crime to pay off debts incurred due to cricket betting,never intended to release the 13-year-old.

“Sanghvi knew Aditya would identify him before police if released. In fact,Aditya got into his Honda City only because he knew and trusted him. For this reason,Sanghvi had planned to kill Aditya even after getting ransom,” said senior inspector Rajendra Chavan,VP Road police station.

Sanghvi panicked when Jitendra did not take his ransom call seriously. He then went to Navi Mumbai and murdered Aditya and dumped the body near Pali village in Raigad district.


Meanwhile,a Borivali cricket bookie has identified Sanghvi as a regular customer.

“Interestingly,the bookie identified Sanghvi as Rajesh,a name Sanghvi used while making the ransom call to Jitendra. Investigations have revealed both accused were habitual gamblers and did not restrict themselves to betting on cricket matches,”said Chavan.