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QUICK EDIT: AAP’s victory is the victory of the voter

Since Anna movement,the fight against corruption became a war cry for the urban middle class.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party has literally pulled a coup in Delhi,emerging as the second largest party behind the BJP. The spectacular performance of the party which made its poll debut during the current Assembly elections is turning out to be the watershed moment for the elections.

Though the pollsters had predicted them to win over ten seats,the anti-corruption party has indeed surprised all. But what has worked for the party in such a short span of time?

During the Anna Hazare-led agitation,the Kejriwal-masterminded movement struck a chord with common man of the country. The agitation brought together people from all walks of life for an issue which every person experiences in one form or the other. The agitation sustained for days in the heart of the National Capital. The fight against corruption became a war cry for the urban middle class.

In the backdrop of the movement,Kejriwal channelised the palpable anger of people against the governing class. He decided to form the Aam Aadmi Party but had to part ways with Anna Hazare. Despite facing flak for differences with Anna,Kejriwal remained steadfast in his mission to “be part of the system to fight the system”.


Meticulously picking the broom as the party symbol,AAP and Arvind Kejriwal became household names. But electoral victory was still thought to be a distant dream. Political rivals wrote Kejriwal off,cynics termed him a rebel. But the party continued to work among the people,swelling its support base. Now that the results have come,the overwhelming numbers have left the Congress in disbelief. A party formed just months ahead of polls,now decimated the Sheila Dikshit-led Congress government in Delhi.

Once thought to be an adventurism to fight against the Delhi Chief minister in her constituency,Kejriwal’s move now proved to be a masterstroke. The anti-corruption activist defeated Sheila Dikshit who was seeking a fourth term in Delhi.

The great Indian voter has once again proved who is the master in a democracy. If AAP’s resounding success in Delhi is any indication,the Lok Sabha polls next year may also throw some surprises. But the jury is still out.

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