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Police can’t determine if it’s suicide or homicide

Post-mortem report confirms woman died of bullet injuries

A day after Gurgaon Chief Judicial Magistrate’s wife was found shot dead in a high security area,police are yet to determine if the case is one of suicide or homicide,even as the post-mortem report on Thursday confirmed that death had been caused due to bullet injuries.

Dr Deepak Mathur,forensic analyst at the Civil Hospital (Gurgaon) said,“The death was caused due to fatal bullet injuries. There were three bullet injuries and one ante-mortem open wound in the head,which seems like a superficial cut made with a blunt object. The time of death has been ascertained between 5 pm and 6 pm on Wednesday. The woman was shot from a near contact range (within a few centimetres).”

Mathur said the a sample of gunpowder swabs and fingerprints collected from the revolver that was recovered from the crime scene have been sent for tests. The results will confirm if the woman had shot herself. The report will be out within a week,he said.

CJM Ravneet Garg’s wife was found dead in park in Police lines,where she had gone for her evening walk — something she did every evening since she had moved to Gurgaon a month back. Her body was found when children playing in the park came across it. The CJM’s .32 bore licenced revolver was found lying near her.


Police said while certain features pointed to suicide,the possibility of a homicide could not be ruled out. “We are still investigating the case. We are trying to probe all angles and it is still too early to tell,” DCP (West) Surinder Pal Singh said.

Investigation revealed that the woman,who usually took her two daughters along for the walk,left them behind on Wednesday. She also left her cellphone at home.

“We are investigating if someone could have breached the high security area,shot her and fled without being noticed. There are no signs of her struggling to escape. There are many questions that need to be answered and investigation is on,” police said.

Resident at Police lines said no one had heard any gunshots being fired as several wedding were taking place in the area. They said the sound of fire-crackers at the weddings had drowned out all other sounds.

The CJM had told police that his wife was not liking the new city and wanted to go back to Chandigarh.

Her family members,who had gone to the mortuary on Thursday morning to take the body for cremation,said the woman could not have killed herself.

They demanded that a proper investigation be conducted.