NPCIL says Chutka n-power plant safe

NPCIL says Chutka n-power plant safe

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has declared Chutka Madhya Pradesh Atomic Power Project (CMPAPP) safe

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has declared Chutka Madhya Pradesh Atomic Power Project (CMPAPP) safe.

An environmental impact assessment report filed by the corporation says the project in the low seismic activity zone- II is environmentally benign,techno-economically viable and sustainable.

The base cost of the two 700-megawatt pressurised heavy water reactors at Chutka village was Rs 11,250 crore on June 2011. The estimated cost to complete both units is Rs 16,550 crore.

Construction of unit I has been planned to begin in June 2015 and that of unit II in December 2015. The units will possibly be ready by December 2020 and June 2021.


The NPCIL report says in-built safety measures in the project design will minimise hazards,if any.

“The design will restrict the radiation dose to members of the public to 0.11 milli-Sieverts (mSv)/year,much lower than the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board permitted dose of 1.0 mSv/year. The reactor selected for the project has inherent safety features. It includes two independent shutdown systems,a double containment system,primary containment controlled discharge system,fire protection system,emergency core cooling system and passive decay heat removal system,” it says.

The study was conducted by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,Nagpur. It says in the construction phase,there may be a few conventional pollutants but these will not cross the specified limit because of low background levels.

The environmental management plan includes regular monitoring of conventional pollutants,maintenance of vehicles and equipment,protection of reserve forest and development of a green belt.

“With the implementation of a management plan,the project will have no adverse impact on environment. It will provide direct and indirect employment to people in the area,” the report says.

“Most villagers are aware of the project. They are apprehensive they will not get proper compensation. They also want better health services and transportation facilities. They said project authorities should regulate drinking water supply,which is a primary need of the villagers. Around 195 huts will be relocated to establish CMPAPP.”

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