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Monday, July 16, 2018

Now,spotlight on Pinki Pramanik’s Left links

Case of Pinki,who is accused of raping her live-in partner,assumed distinct political hue.

Written by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Published: July 13, 2012 4:58:18 am

The case of Pinki Pramanik,who is accused of raping her live-in partner,has assumed a distinct political hue now.

While the Trinamool Congress is working on the theory of ‘guilty until proven innocent’,the opposition CPM is rubbing in that Pramanik has been victimised.

The Asian Games gold medallist is known to be close to CPM leaders. Former sports minister,the late Subhas Chakraborty,had gone the extra mile in 2004 to ensure her safety when an unlicensed gun was found on her at a railway station.

The woman,who has alleged that the athlete had raped her,spoke about the latter’s political connections. “Pramanik is very close to a CPM leader in our area. Together they were involved in illegal land deals,” the woman claimed.

“Pramanik was always high on drugs and committed domestic violence,but got away because of political connections. As long as Left Front was in power,the police chose to overlook these,” the woman,a divorcee and mother of one,added.

Sports minister Madan Mitra stopped short of talking about Pramanik’s political connections but gave hints that the campaigns in favour of the athlete were motivated. “What business did the women’s forum had in the court? Why did they create a scene there? Why is it that only a section of sportspersons is raising the pitch? I will not comment on a case that is sub judice. Someone may be a famous sports star but that doesn’t put him or her above the law. A common man,too,has the right to seek justice,” Mitra told The Indian Express.

Pramanik,arrested on June 14,allegedly had a harrowing time while in custody for 26 days. She was lodged in a male ward where policemen allegedly misbehaved with her.

An 11-member medical board of the SSKM Hospital recently concluded that Pramanik has a 46,XY Karyotype — present in males. “In medical science not everything can be said in black and white. This case has the shades of grey,” the board observed. But the authorities have hardly showed mercy.

“If I were the sports minister,I would have handled the case with a lot more sensitivity,” former sports minister Kanti Ganguly told The Indian Express.

Swimmer Bula Chowdhury and former athlete Jyotirmoyee Sikdar,who led the protest in support of Pramanik,have served their term as CPM MLA and MP,respectively. The Left Front-backed women’s forum,too,has been vocal in her favour.

The only person from the ruling party to support Pramanik is rebel Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman,who has composed a song on the athlete.

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