No skull cap for Chouhan this Eid

No skull cap for Chouhan this Eid

The actor had said other BJP chief ministers should emulate Chouhan.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan chose not to wear the skull cap on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr Tuesday.

Chouhan, who wears his secularism on his sleeve, had never shied away from sporting the skull cap irrespective of the occasion or the venue. When a small boy offered him a cap at a celebration in the old city, Chouhan did not oblige and placed it on the young boy’s head. When a journalist asked him why he did not put on the cap, the Chief Minister said, “What sort of question is this?”.

It was the same venue last year when actor Raja Murad had created an awkward situation for Chouhan who wore a cap then. Slamming Narendra Modi for not donning the cap, the actor had praised Chouhan’s gesture.

The actor had said other BJP chief ministers should emulate Chouhan without naming Modi, the then Gujarat chief minister.


Murad had made the comments while standing next to Chouhan on the stage. BJP leader Uma Bharati had reacted strongly dismissing Murad as a “C grade actor” and also took pot shots at Chouhan.

The Chief Minister had later said the occasion should not have been used to make a political statement. Chouhan’s supporters were careful on Tuesday and ensured that the actor was relegated to the corner of the stage.

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