Modi vows to bring black money back, says Andhra is “burning” because of Cong

Modi vows to bring black money back, says Andhra is “burning” because of Cong

Modi said only he can fight corruption, not those perpetuating dynastic rule in the country.

It's Modi's first visit to Himachal Pradesh after being announced BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate.
It’s Modi’s first visit to Himachal Pradesh after being announced BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

Hitting out at the Congress for rampant corruption involving its own leaders, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday resolved to bring “black money” stashed in foreign banks back and gift it to the country’s honest tax payers.

It’s poor tax payer’s money that has been looted by the Congress leaders in the past 60 years and stashed outside the country, he said. Modi also lashed out at Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s “Zehar-ki-kheti” remark and made a direct reference to Telangana, asserting that Andhra is burning because of the Congress sowing the seeds of poison to divide the state and creating rift and hatred among people of both the states.

“Madam Sonia ji, zehar ki kheti to app karte ho ,hum to payaar ki Kheti karte hain. Example is Andhra Pradesh ..aaj vahan kya aag lagi huee hai?” he said, as he drew a parallel between creation of three new states of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand -where the people were celebrating after the divison as opposed to Andhra’s division, which has created deep hatred among people of the two proposed states .

Addressing a mammoth rally at Sujanpur Tihra, in former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal’s home district, Modi said only he can fight corruption and the country can thus trust him, not those perpetuating dynastic rule in the country .


“Mere na koyee agae hai, na peeche. Agar Bhrasthachar Karunga to kiske liyee.(I have no family bondage. For whom should I be doing corruption?),” he said. In one of his blistering attack against the Congress, Modi highlighted that so many telecom ministers have been sent to the jails during the past few years and why the Congress always gets nightmares whenever the issue of black money is brough up.

“The Congress is the root cause of corruption and I have decided to bring the black money back and fight corruption as I have dedicated my life to the nation,” he said. Modi also criticised Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh saying that while the Prime Minister says money does not grow on trees, but here in Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister (Virbhadra) has apple trees growing money .

“Your own Chief Minister became 14 times richer after earning money from trees. It’s not me, his (Virbhadra’s) affidavit says so. “Laying out his agenda, Modi said his aim is to form the next government with the sole aim of development, free the country from corruption, offer jobs to youths, check prices and provide shelter to all. The NDA will truly stand for National Development Alliances’,he said.

Modi denounced the politics of hatred as he recalled a Communist leader from Kerala who had praised him and was removed from the party and now after he spoke on his “chai” connection, the Congress leaders were abusing tea (Chai).

Touching upon local sentiments, Modi spoke on the need for framing a separate policy for the Himalayan states, where the needs of the development were very different. There can’t be tailor-made polices for all states. “There is a need to think afresh as how some of the states are underdeveloped. There is a need to understand the problems of such states like Uttrakhand, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir and North-East and draw-up policies after consultations with Chief Ministers,” he said.

Modi also tried to woo the ex-servicemen and farmers in Himachal Pradesh by touching upon issue of soldiers being killed on the borders. He recalled how former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee tried to help apple growers in Himachal by raising import duty on the apples and give state a boost by sanctioned industrial package, which was withdrawn on UPA’s return to power.

He laid stress on development and expansion of the railway network in Himachal Pradesh beside creating best infrastructure for tourism – a sector which can create jobs and boost state’s economy.