Mugdha Godse visits Jammu

Grinning and waving,she talked about highs and lows of the world of modelling and even gave reasons as to why walking on the ramp doesn't defy Indian culture.

Written by Ishfaq Naseem | Jammu | Published: February 16, 2009 9:46:17 am

Super model turned actress,Mugdha Godse,was in Jammu and so the entire city flocked to where she had dropped in. Grinning and waving,she talked about highs and lows of the world of modelling and even gave reasons as to why walking on the ramp doesn’t defy Indian culture.

At Westside departmental store,where she was to interact with the customers,she kept up with an archaic tradition to,‘sign the autographs’,and even gave photo-ops to her fans.

But what made her evening with the jammuties special,interacting with them for the first time after becoming an actress,was her disclosure that she was to work in films consistently. “I have a new role as an actress in the Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Jail. The transition from modelling to acting was full of new experiences and I really enjoyed it,” she told the people who had assembled at the departmental store to catch a glimpse of the actress.

About her role in the film Fashion which exposes the exploitation being faced by the women who join modelling,Godse said,“fashion explains what modelling is. It is not about exploitation in modelling and much of the film is fictional.”

Like any other star even though she was late by nearly two hours to the venue,people couldn’t but wait in anticipation. Ambling along with her at the departmental store,people jostled to watch her.

After her debut in the film Fashion where she co-starred Priyanka Chopra,Godse said that she would like to play more serious roles in the films. “I will like to play more author backed roles in which the focus is more on the protagonist. I will like to do well in the comic roles,” she said,adding that,“I feel in a comfort zone while working with Madhur Bhandarkar.”

Godse said that after her switchover to films,she has little time for the ramps. “It is only occasionally that I do walk the ramp” said the 26-year old actress.

Sharing her experiences which took her to the world of cinema,she said that it was both destiny and hard work which played a role in it. “Before my debut role in Fashion,I did the training at Anupam Kher’s acting school. I also received the grooming on the sets while working with Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut.”

She said that she was modelling even while studying and acting was her real passion as cinema has a greater role in effecting the lives of people.

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