MP writes to AI for not announcing presence of martyr Mukund’s body on flight

MP writes to AI for not announcing presence of martyr Mukund’s body on flight

An AI crew member has turned down the request of announcing presence of body of slain Army officer on flight.

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Air India crew member has refused to announce presence of mortal remain of Army Officer on flight

Rajya Sabha MP  Rajeev Chandrasekhar has written to Air India Chairman Rohit Nandan questioning why one of its crews refused to announce the presence of mortal remains of an Army officer on a flight carrying his body from Srinagar to Delhi.

An Army officer who was accompanying the body of slain officer requested the crew member that an announcement be made that mortal remains of the officer were on board but his request was turned down by the airline crew citing aviation rules.

“The Major sacrificed his life and future for the countrymen but the bureaucratic manner in which the airline crew responded to this request, is sad and shameful, and conveys an impression of callousness and disrespect towards brave men and women, on part of Air India,” Chandrasekhar said.

The MP said in the letter that on April 28, Air India carried the body of brave-heart Major Mukund Varadrajan, who was killed in an encounter with militants at Shopian in Jammu and Kashmir, from Srinagar to Delhi and then onward to Chennai where his family lives.


The Rajya Sabha MP from Karnataka urged the Air India chairman “to find out the people involved in this incident. I would also request you to let me know what are the aviation rules’ that were quoted in this instance.”

He said if rules prevent the people from honouring their heroes, “then they need to be changed or abolished altogether. A nation must honour its brave people who sacrifice their lives for the country.”