MP woman alleges forcible conversion bid

MP woman alleges forcible conversion bid

A case of rape and kidnapping and for attempted forcible conversion has been registered against the accused.

Fifteen months after she ran away from home in Indore to marry a man she was in love with, a 27-year-old Hindu woman has alleged that her lover turned out to be a Muslim who later tried to force her to convert to Islam.

She returned to Indore in the second week of January but filed a complaint against the man, identified as Abdul Rahman, with the Annapurna Police Station more than three weeks later alleging that he had introduced himself as Ajay alias Dhan Singh.

Police said in October 2013, the woman travelled to Delhi, where Abdul Rahman was waiting. From there, they went to Meerut where she learnt that he was a Muslim. She alleged that when she refused to marry she was beaten up and later forced to have sex with him.


A case of rape and kidnapping under the IPC and for attempted forcible conversion under sections 3 and 4 of the Freedom of Religion Act has been registered against Abdul Rahman and other accused, including a cleric. ASP (Crime) Vinay Kumar Paul said the case will require a thorough investigation, taking into account details of the missing person complaint filed by the woman’s parents when she left home in October 2013. The parents had alleged that she had started taking the name of Allah and also spoke of visiting a dargah in Indore.


The complainant has provided only a photograph of Abdul Rahman but could not give his phone number. Police said a probe team will soon go to Delhi. Another team will go to Meerut where the nikah took place. They have also found a notarized document that suggests he divorced the woman.

Police said there were many discrepancies in the information provided by the woman, including the circumstances under which she returned to her home town. They said it was not clear why she chose to wait for weeks before approaching police. They said arrests, if any, would take place only after investigation.