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Learn,sing,paint with Windows Phone apps for kids

Now,giving a smartphone to your kid is not a bad option.

Now giving a smartphone to your kid is not a bad option. Summer holidays are here and your kids are at home.

Windows has launched a phone which has a range of apps that will keep kids busy and out of trouble.

The apps are also handy as they make kids learn new things in the most creative way. The apps aims to increase the vocabulary and your child never ceases to amaze you with new words. The need to learn is insatiable.

‘First Words with Phonics’ is an app that visualises the word with an image,gives jumbled spellings for the word and then spells it correctly – a fun mix of puzzle,ponder and pronounce.


But it’s not all words. The apps can also cater to your child’s creative side. ‘Daily Colorbook’ offers classic colouring pages to easy learning exercises and dot puzzles. Gift your children a world of options for expressing his/her creative side with several beautifully designed motifs.

‘Color me free’ is an app your child can paint by numbers,shapes,letters and dots and can see the drawings come alive. ‘Paint and Puzzle Free’ has 10 cute animals and five different environments that kids can use to create 50 unique images which can also be turned into jigsaw puzzles that little-ones solve with gusto.

You may not want to enroll you kids in a singing camp if you have ‘Next Gen Voice of India’. They are the budding singers of the future. They cock their ears in attention each time they hear a favourite song. They may not be able to string a sentence yet but learn the words of a song with an alacrity that will surprise you. Encourage them for who knows,they may be tomorrow’s “Voice”.

The apps available on Windows phone can heave a sigh of relief for you as your little one is going to discover a lot more than just fun this summer.