Kiss against fascism

Kiss against fascism

Hundreds of onlookers had thronged the Alappuzha beach eager to witness the kiss protest.

A third edition of kiss of love was held in Alappuzha on Sunday evening in a subdued manner as police had taken into custody many activists and a slew of organization led by Shiva Sena and VHP held protest march against it. The event in Alappuzha was projected as ‘kiss against fascism.’

Hundreds of onlookers had thronged the Alappuzha beach eager to witness the kiss protest, third in last two months in Kerala. The kiss of love had been conceived by social media groups in protest against the alleged moral policing, which was exposed in the attack of a hotel in Kozhikode in November.

A strong contingent of police kept a strict vigil in the beach, where entry was restricted for public this afternoon. When activists moved to the beach to stage the kiss against fascism, police took 41 of them into custody and shifted to a police station away from city. Protesters belonging to right wing outfits too had marched to the beach.

However, at the same time, 10-odd persons engaged themselves in kiss at another location in the city, making ‘the kiss against fascism’ a reality. Activists deplored the police action, saying that the government has taken away a citizen’s right to protest peacefully. It was against the spirit of the democracy to arrest the activists of the kiss against fascism which was held peacefully.

Meanwhile, inmates at an old-age home in Alappuzha got ‘sweet kiss’ from another group of activists as a mark of protest towards kiss against fascism. They, under the banner of Alappuzha Youth Federation, said the kiss agitation was against the culture of the country.

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