Kin: Victim needed money, may have left home to sell jewellery

Three days later, the woman’s decomposed body was recovered from a field, 15 km away from her residence in Chinnot colony.

Written by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Updated: February 12, 2015 5:54:22 am
Rohtak Gangrape, Rohtak bus rape, Rohtak bus gangrape, Rohtak rape The victim had come from Nepal to live with sister.

For three days, she kept telling her family that she wanted to go back to Nepal. When her sister told her there wasn’t enough money to arrange a trip back home, she gave them an alternative — to sell her gold jewellery. It was perhaps the reason why she left her house on February 1, when she was brutally raped and murdered by nine men.

On Wednesday, the victim’s sister told The Indian Express over phone: “We were at home when she told me she wanted to return to Nepal.

She told me this the night before too. I told her we didn’t have enough money and that the children’s education had to be taken care of. I work as a domestic help and since my sister needed someone to take her back to Nepal, I told her leave was an issue. But she kept insisting that she could sell her jewellery (which she was wearing) and purchase a ticket to return.”

Investigations too have substantiated this as the private CCTV camera installed on the street outside the victim’s house show her leaving the house and walking “freely”.

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“One can tell she was oblivious to what she was doing since she appeared to be walking freely. The camera, however, recorded her movement only till the main road. But, we suspect that since she was undergoing treatment for mental illness, there is a possibility that she left the house to make arrangements to return to Nepal. As of now, we have no evidence to suggest that the victim knew the accused,” said SSP Rohtak Shashank Anand.

On February 1, the victim was reported missing after she left the house without informing anyone. Her nephew was at home studying when she left. When she didn’t return for several hours, the family approached the police.

Three days later, the woman’s decomposed body was recovered from a field, 15 km away from her residence in Chinnot colony.

The victim’s upper limbs were missing, with forensic experts saying they were chewed away by animals, and her body brutalised with stones and an asbestos sheet. It took the police seven days to arrest the alleged perpetrators of the crime.

Meanwhile, investigations have suggested that the victim had taken the public transport to go to the spot where the incident had occurred and that there could be multiple scenes of crime.

“She had left her house of her own accord and we have members of the public telling us that she was seen in a bus. The accused were all around the field at the time they assaulted her. They have told us they were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. We also have evidence to suggest that she was raped and assaulted in different areas of the city,” said Anand.

He added: “The accused after committing the crime, went about their daily work, pretending nothing had happened. They had decided to not escape immediately as that would have raised suspicion.”

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