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Just a ‘communication gap’ with Maya,says Jaya

Jayalalithaa does not appear to have any problem with the UP CM Mayawati's ambitions to become the prime minister.

AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa,whose party skipped the dinner hosted by BSP chief Mayawati,on Monday does not appear to have any problem with the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s ambitions to become the prime minister.

But she said her party,like many others have not expressed its aspirations for the top post,a decision on which should wait till the elections are over.

She also made light of her party’s absence at Mayawati’s dinner for the Front’s leaders in Delhi last night saying “there was a communication gap.”

“There is nothing wrong in certain parties expressing their aspirations because someone has to aspire to be the prime minister.


“There is nothing wrong in expressing one’s desire but as to when the future prime minister will be selected and how this choice will take place,all that has to wait until the polls are over,” Jayalalitha told reporters at her residence in Chennai.

She was asked about reports about the prime ministerial ambitions of Mayawati and NCP leader Sharad Pawar.

Replying to a question whether she did not depute her representative to Mayawati’s dinner because of ego clash,Jayalalitha sought to make light of it saying “that is not a big issue. There was a communication gap,that’s all.”

“No comments”,Jayalalithaa said cryptically,when asked whether she could be a possible prime ministerial candidate of the Third Front.

Recalling the 2004 post-results scenario,she said only after the poll verdict Manmohan Singh was announced as Congress’ Prime Minister. “No one even dreamed Singh as Prime Minister,” she added.

“As far as the AIADMK is concerned,our entire concentration is to do all that we can to win the maximum,that is all the 40 seats (39 in Tamil Nadu and one in Puducherry),” the former Chief Minister said.

Asked whether her party was wooing the PMK into their fold,Jayalalithaa evaded a reply,saying the matter should be clarified with the PMK camp.

Speaking about the Third Front,she said it was an alliance of parties without the BJP and the Congress,”which the media calls the Third Front,but the parties (constituents) call it the Alternative Front.”

Responding to remarks of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi describing the front as a “Third Eye,” she said the term referred to the closed Third Eye on the forehead of Lord Shiva,which when opened,”reduced the wrongdoers and others before it to ashes.”

Earlier,Jayalalithaa handed over Rs 2.12 crore collected for the Sri Lankan Tamils’ welfare during her day-long fast on March nine,to the International Committee of the Red Cross.


A party release said demand drafts for the amount were handed over to Francois Stamm,head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC.