India asks citizens to move out as US-led war looms over Syria

India asks citizens to move out as US-led war looms over Syria

The earlier advisory for citizens to not travel to Syria remains effective.

India today asked all its citizens to leave Syria amid escalation of violence there and the US moving closer to military intervention in the war-torn country. Spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs said the earlier advisory for citizens asking them not to travel to Syria remained in effect.

Need Syria-led solution for conflict: Manmohahn Singh

“We are in touch with our Mission in Damascus who are also in contact with approximately 25-30 Indian citizens in Syria. All Indian citizens are safe. Previously,we had advised all Indian citizens in Syria to return to India. They have once again been advised to leave Syria,” Spokesperson in MEA Syed Akbaruddin said.

Syria conflict now a Civil War: UN Monitor

The crisis in the country was evolving rapidly. The US today moved closer to military intervention in Syria with President Barack Obama saying he was considering a “limited,narrow” strike with “no boots on the ground” even as UN experts probing the alleged use of chemical weapons left the war-torn country.

UN weapons inspectors have left Syria for Lebanon after completing their probe into a suspected chemical weapons attack near Damascus.

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