In one ward,even the winning candidate lost deposit

In one ward,even the winning candidate lost deposit

This is one situation which has even the State Election Commission (SEC) in a fix.

This is one situation which has even the State Election Commission (SEC) in a fix. All 21 candidates who contested elections from Nangli Sakravati ward (134) — including the winning candidate — have got less than 1/6th of the votes polled,which means that all of them will have their security deposits forfeited. But with Satendra Singh Rana having got maximum votes from the ward,the SEC now says that it will not be forfeiting his deposit.

“As per rules,any candidate who gets less than 1/6th of the total votes polled will have his/her security deposit forfeited by the Commission. Strangely,in Nangli Sakravati,even the winning Independent candidate Satendra Singh Rana got lesser votes than the required 1/6 th . I think this is the first time ever that a winning candidate has got less than the required vote share. We cannot,however,forfeit his security deposit as he is the winning candidate from the area,’’ said State Election Commissioner Rakesh Mehta.

Rana,who is a BJP rebel candidate,got 6,681 votes while the forfeited criterion was 6,720 votes in the ward which saw a total of 40,321 votes being polled. The BJP candidate,who came a close second,lost by 295 votes.

“We forfeit the security deposit of Rs 5,000 except in the case of SC/ST candidates where only half the deposit is forfeited,’’ said Mehta. This amount is put in a government account,said officials.


According to the data provided by the SEC,the deposits of 73% of the candidates who contested elections were forfeited. “Of the 2,423 candidates who contested the civic elections,deposits of 1,782 candidates have been forfeited,’’ said Mehta.

Maximum number of candidates whose security deposits were forfeited are Independents. “Of the 1,174 Independents who contested these elections,deposits of 1,119 candidates were forfeited. The deposits of most candidates belonging to smaller parties were also forfeited. For instance,deposits of all candidates belonging to parties like All India Forward Bloc,Communist Party of India,Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party,Shiv Sena,Rashtriya Janata Dal,etc.,have been forfeited,’’ said an official.

With maximum candidates contesting from Okhla — around 28 — the deposits of 26 candidates have been forfeited. Only in cases where two candidates were contesting from one ward,such as in Rohini Central,Janakpuri South and others, no security deposit of any of the candidates was forfeited.