Implement SC’s order to curb ragging: Victim’s father

Implement SC’s order to curb ragging: Victim’s father

The ‘real implementation’ of Supreme Court's order on ragging would help in curbing the menace.

The “real implementation” of Supreme Court’s order on ragging would help in curbing the menace,father of medical student Aman Kachroo,who fell victim to ragging at his college in Himachal Pradesh,said on Monday.

It has to be “real implementation,real prevention. My agenda at the moment is prevention. I want to make sure students and administration understand that this crime will not be tolerated any more,” Rajendra Kachroo told reporters in Gurgaon.

He was reacting to the apex court’s order seeking response from the administration of Rajendra Prasad Medical College,Kangra,on the death of his son.

19-year-old Kachroo died on March 8 after he was allegedly beaten up by four of his seniors at the college. The accused have been arrested.


“This case should be made as an example so that all the institutions in this country appreciate and understand that the Supreme Court orders are not just to be filed. They have to be implemented,” he said.

He expressed hope that his son’s case would help in implementing the Supreme Court’s order by the administration in its letter and spirit.

“I want that people in this country,administration,ministries and principals and wardens should understand that it is the highest court of the land producing the orders. It must be respected not condemned,” he said.

Kachroo said that he was not interested as to what punishment be meted out to those who were involved in the incident.

“I do not want to comment on quantum of punishment. That is for the Chief Justice to understand (to decide). I am not interested in quantum of punishment. Neither I am driven by vengeance. I am driven by reforms,” he said.

He also wanted that the a stern message should be sent to the authorities that their failure to check ragging would invite strict action against them.

“They have to make sure that ‘stop ragging’ has to be implemented and if they do not,they face the consequences,” he said.

He also advised parents to make sure that their children do not get involved in ragging menace.

“We have to take social responsibility. This (ragging) is not a glorified action. This is a shameful action. Every father should tell his child that there is no glory in it,only shame,” he said.

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