Haryana Police’s new mantra: Drink water,keep suicidal tendencies at bay

After issuing a spate of quirky advice and orders,the Haryana Police has now come up with an unusual deduction.

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: April 15, 2014 5:21:02 pm

After issuing a spate of quirky advice and orders,the Haryana Police has now come up with an unusual deduction. If the state police are to be believed,increased intake of water during summer can prevent suicides as,according to a recent Haryana Police study,it can reduce the heat in the human body and help balance body temperature. This,the study concludes,can counter suicidal tendencies in an individual.

Conducted by the Haryana Police State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB),the study was an attempt by the police to ascertain the reasons behind the rising suicide rate in the state. “Increase in temperature brings changes in hormones of human body and it affects the patience levels in humans. Because of the rise in temperature,violence tendencies increase and subsequently the tendency to commit suicide increases during summers. Drinking plenty of water not only balances the hormones but also reduces the violent streak in a human being,” the SCRB’s report states.

The SCRB has,however,gathered data on the number of suicides in Haryana and has pointed out that the number of people taking their own lives,are rising by five per cent every year; with many committing suicide in summer.

Last year,according to the study,2,827 people committed suicide in Haryana – which amounts seven people a day. Of these,2,071 were men and 756 were women. The study also notes that the maximum number of people committing suicides fall in the age group of 15-29 years,with the NCR region being the most affected.

Among the reasons,that the SCRB lists,for being the primary cause of suicides are: family tension (12 per cent); ailment (8 per cent); alcoholism or drug addiction (2.5 per cent); failure in examination (2 per cent); failed relationships (1 per cent),unemployment (4 per cent); indifferent mindset (3 per cent); trouble in jobs (2 per cent) and property related disputes (3 per cent).

The SCRB,however,has made another interesting observation: it states that as the heat rises from east to west resulting in increase in temperature of days and night,similarly the suicidal rate (suicides per one lakh of population) also increases. According to its analysis,the suicidal rate in Jammu and Kashmir is 2.5; in Himachal it is 8.4; 10.3 in Haryana; 12.9 in Madhya Pradesh; 16.4 in West Bengal; 13.2 in Maharashtra; 17.4 in Andhra Pradesh; 21 in Karnataka; 21.5 in Tamil Nadu; 25 in Kerala and 40 in Pondicherry.

“With the statistics collected from various states and analysing them in connection with the temperature variations in the environment,we concluded that with the increase in temperature,the possibility of suicides and suicidal tendencies increase. Because of increase in temperature,water content in a human body reduces and various chemical reactions take place. Drinking plenty of water can control the body temperature and curb the suicidal tendencies,” L R Dabas,the director of the SCRB,told The Indian Express.

Experts,however,ridiculed the theory. “This is absolute nonsense. It is the biggest joke of 21st century. There is no correlation between rise in temperature and suicidal tendencies or violent streaks,” said Dr Vivek Lal,neurology specialist in PGIMER,Chandigarh.

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