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Full time writers,part time fashion hacks

Fashion is but a slice of the pie we put out on our features pages,not the whole pudding.

Indian newspaper journalists,like us,who are not full time fashion writers often feel overwhelmed with the number of fashion events that dot the country. With little regard for themes or seasons,its a veritable mela of unedited thoughts and parades.

Sometimes,following each show and having an opinion can become tedious. Fashion is but a slice of the pie we put out on our features pages,not the whole pudding. Besides,I still can’t answer this question in my own head: what is Indian fashion? Work in progress,I keep saying tentatively. What is it for you? Write back to me and we will publish your answer on Unfashion.

Till then,read Vidya Prabhu my Mumbai colleague,who seems quite immersed at LFW.

Not so Casual Diary Jottings from Vidya

Mouse on the House

Of all the celeb showstoppers at LFW this time,Minnie Mouse has to be the most enthusiastic. At the Disney show on Saturday evening,Minnie pranced on the ramp,blowing kisses to a crowd that was only too happy to relive its childhood memories.


The two-designer show was high on energy with designer Shilpa Chavan letting pop surrealism take over her collection (particularly eye-catching were heart-shaped glares,fabric Mickey neckpieces and a gown with red-coloured giant silk ears sewn on the skirt). Nitin Bal Chauhan on the other hand showcased denim magic with Mickey and Minnie Mouse motifs,buttons and polka dots.

Jai Ho

The Indian Textiles Day,with its back-to-back shows displaying exquisite Indian textiles,saw designers get in touch with their patriotic side. While the first show of the day (displaying Purvi Doshi’s khadi collection) had ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Jai Ho’ playing in the background,Debarun Mukherjee chose to go with yesteryear hits such as ‘Ajeeb dastan hai yeh’ and ‘Tumne mujhe dekha’ among many others.

Paromita Banerjee and Soumitra Mandal,on the other hand,zeroed in on folk music to create the setting for their respective collections,both of which had fine khadi in abundance.

Shahab Durazi: Blink and you missed him

It’s not often that you see reclusive designer and sophisticate Shahab Durazi drop in for a show. So it was a rather pleasant surprise to see him seated in the front row at Krishna Mehta’s show on day three. Durazi beat a hasty retreat after the show even before I could walk up to him.

Bal ready to bat in Mumbai

This season may have not kicked off with an off-site show but it will end with one. As it turns out,Rohit Bal’s finale show will not be held at Grand Hyatt’s main show area; instead it will take place outdoors at the hotel’s lawns.

Not only does this translate into more space for set designer Sumant Jayakrishnan to work with,it also means that the show will have to wrap up latest by 10.30pm due to Mumbai police deadline for outdoor events.