For Starters…

For Starters…

Fashion writer and jewellery designer,the Mumbai-based Umesh Jivnani,also a collector,sports some of the most eye-catching ones.

*Been noticing some men at fashion week wearing antique brooches on their lapels. Fashion writer and jewellery designer,the Mumbai-based Umesh Jivnani,also a collector,sports some of the most eye-catching ones. Umesh’s is not some casual collection. He turns old,whimsical pieces into lapel pins while others are in beautiful kundan and jadau and look like they have come out of our grandmother’s jewellery chest. It was a surprise to see Ashdeen Lilaowalla,also a Delhi-based fashion writer and textile designer sport a bright little jewelled bouquet yesterday. Have got you pictures of both.

*So many young kids sit in front rows these days,even fashion interns. Whereas Rta Kapur Chishti,one of the most respected and veteran textile experts who also weaves pure khadi on a hand cranked charkha in her Jangpura studio in Delhi sat in the third row at the capsule collection of Tokyo Fashion Week that walked at WIFW.

*”Wow,you are looking like a diva”,said a senior designer to a young miss who greeted him. She had interned with him. “Yes,am really trying to look like a diva”,said the girl seriously. She wore a stretch jersey gown-dress in dull brown,hair whipped into submission before being styled,a peach coloured faux fur bolero and peach heels. Lipstick and blush-on: peach too. Very peachy of her she was not to notice that the designer was only pulling her leg.

Main Course

Wills India Fashion Week now sees an important convergence between buyers,media and designers. However,they seem to be roping in too many diverse properties–a mish-mash of social causes,corporate social responsibility networks,collaborations and such. Sample this:


On Day 1,there was a PETA showing,models and almost-celebs in cages pleaded the cause of animals in distress.

On Day 3,FDCI organised a fashion show against human trafficking. Well-known photographer Subi Samuel had shot the pictures of ‘Alice’,an imaginary character — the ideal state and condition where a rescued trafficked woman should be — in creations of 12 leading designers. Actor Vivek Oberoi,a special guest was clapped for as the “only Bollywood hero who is a philanthropist”. He gave a gushing opening speech and tennis ace Leander Paes delivered the closing one. The former looked too pleased with himself,the latter’s words were heavy with conviction.

Paes walked out with a trafficked lady who had been rescued and rehabilitated and the audience gave it up for her and the ladies behind the organisation called ‘youcanfreeus’. The guests were then asked to help. How? No one specified.

This wasn’t enough.

Today,a capsule collection of Tokyo Fashion Week was shown after a design seminar addressed by Kenya Hara,the design director of Muji. It’s the 60th year of diplomatic relations between India and Japan. Pulling in causes is all very well but FDCI President Sunil Sethi may want to remember that too many cooks spoil the broth.

A social cause will need persistently commitment,you can’t say hello Human Trafficking today,Hello Peta tomorrow only to say Hello Khushi (their cause last season) next time. It is like trying to make a point without a consistent campaign. The Japanese collaboration is design diplomacy—just right but Human Trafficking and Peta? Let’s not miss the woods for the forest.

The Dessert of Kutch

If you haven’t watched Big Bachchan’s Kuch Din Toh Gujariye Gujarat Mein ad,do so right away. Gujarat is a fashion trend this season. Some of the best collections have been inspired by Kutch in Gujarat.

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