Express LOL: The real reason why Didi enforced the blue and white rule

After Mamata announced that she would waive property tax for those who painted their houses blue and white, conspiracy theorists whisper different 'real reasons'

By: Express News Service | Updated: June 10, 2014 4:06:08 pm
mamata-m Conspiracy theorists have been whispering different “real reasons” for Mamata enforcing blue and white. (Source: PTI)

Mamata Banerjee announced on Monday that she would waive property tax entirely for those who painted their houses blue and white, that is, in the theme colours of the TMC. However, conspiracy theorists have been whispering different “real reasons” to us.

 Here are some tongue-in-cheek reasons for why Didi might actually be pro the blue-and-white painting movement:

1. Facebook is paying her to do this, because they want their colours on every house to make their presence in people’s lives even more prominent than it already is

2. And supposedly, so is Twitter. Social media networks and their politics, I tell you!

3. She is supporting Argentina this year in the FIFA World Cup, and so must everyone else

4. Guess who wants to bring together the blue-collar manual labourers with the white-collar administrators?

5. She is advertising Center Fresh chewing gum – blue as a bluebird and white as a whitewash, both at the same time

6. This might also be Didi’s way of declaring the classic Reynolds Ball Pen as the official pen of the State

7. Mamata Banerjee is obviously going to be the next Mother Teresa just by flashing her colours of peace

8. It could have something to do with Didi’s fascination with technology – she wants everyone to use Skype instead of old-fashioned meetings in person.

9. Her favourite cartoon show is The Smurfs – so everyone who agrees with her gets a bonus!

10. The Avatars are blackmailing her to splash their colours on every house

11. A noted fashion designer told her that blue jeans and a white top was the most classic combination, so she thought she’d apply that to her city in general

12. She wants KKR to change their theme colour from a bright purple to a subdued blue; this was her way of giving them a gentle hint

13. Blue and white is the colour of the sky and clouds on a pleasant day. And she is a pleasant CM. And Kolkata is a pleasant city

14. These days, people like to paint their houses in bright colours, and paint companies had an excess of simple colours like blue and white. So she decided to help them out

15. This, of course, is the real reason. She hates everything Red. and the one colour that is most different from red is blue

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