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CPM doesn’t rule out joining Third Front govt

Unlike in the past,CPI(M) on Monday did not rule out its participation in any Third Front government after the Lok Sabha polls.

Unlike in the past,CPI(M) on Monday did not rule out its participation in any Third Front government after the Lok Sabha polls.

CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat also said that steps would be taken to ensure that such non-Congress,non-BJP alternatives do not remain unstable like in the past. He,however,did not elaborate

“Hopefully,if a situation develops,our central committee will meet. We will see the situation,take stock of it and decide the question,” Karat told reporters releasing the party manifesto in New Delhi.

He was asked whether the Left parties would,as always,remain outside the government in such a scenario or would they join such an alternative.


In the non-Congress governments so far,the CPI(M) had stayed away so also the RSP and Forward Bloc while the CPI had joined the United Front government headed H D Deve Gowda and I K Gujral.

Indicating that some other parties could join the fledgling Third Front soon,Karat claimed that even before elections “some developments” would occur.

“Who will come,who will not come I cannot say now. Wait,even before elections some developments are going to take place,” he said.

The CPI(M),which is spearheading the move for formation of the Third Front,said if elected to power,it would scrap the Defence Framework Agreement with the US and “review and rework” the Indo-US nuclear deal so as to remove “harmful” clauses in it.

Karat demanded that the Congress-led coalition approach Swiss banks to disclose details about illegal money stashed by Indians in secret bank accounts there as was being done by the US,UK and many countries in European Union.

Noting that even European Union Finance Ministers have asked the banks to break secrecy laws,he wanted to know whether the government would give Swiss authorities a list of tax evaders and ask them to provide details of their accounts.

He said any such decision by the government would not be violative of the model code of conduct.

Making a scathing attack on both the BJP and Congress,Karat said the leaders of the two parties were targeting the Third Front day in and day out.

“They (BJP and Congress) are popularising the word (Third Front). We are not using it. Pranab Mukherjee says that he does not understand what is Third Front. By the end of elections,he will come to understand what Third Front means,” he said.

Describing BJP as the political front of RSS,Karat said like in 2004,”it does not deserve to be in government at all.”

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