BJP hits back at Congress after it questions PM’s tears, calls Rahul ‘spoilt child of Indian politics’

BJP hits back at Congress after it questions PM’s tears, calls Rahul ‘spoilt child of Indian politics’

BJP said Sonia Gandhi was'ruining' Congress in her 'devotion to her inept son' that has made Rahul Gandhi the 'spoilt child' of the Indian politics.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets emotional while addressing at Facebook headquarters in California on Sunday. (PTI Photo)

Hitting back at the Congress, the BJP on Monday accused “a mother” in the Congress of “ruining the party and the nation” because of her “devotion to her inept son”, making him a “spoilt child”.

Calling the Congress the voice of “untruth, malice and utter frustration”, BJP spokesperson M J Akbar said: “Its inept leadership is unable to bear the sight of the Indian Prime Minister raising the country’s prestige abroad… Congress chose to get personal in an appaling and pathetic manner. The Prime Minister is devoted to his mother, in contrast to Congress where a mother has ruined the party and the nation by her devotion to her inept son that has made him the spoilt child of Indian politics. Instead of hiding somewhere in the US and posting nebulous pictures of a conference, Rahul should answer the questions about whether he is indeed attending a conference or just taking an undeserved holiday.”

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The BJP continued to question the Congress’s claims on Rahul’s participation in the “Weekend with Charlie Rose” conference in Aspen. Akbar said the Congress’s claims were “difficult to believe” because the party kept the details fuzzy. “What is the point of so much hide and seek? They could at least have got some better pictures. When he gets into a train once a year they carry 7,000 cameras. Of course when he takes chartered planes every day, they do not carry any cameras,” he said.



“The PM has energised India’s international relations… The party which never had the time, when in power, for an important ally like UAE or for a neighbour like Nepal has the gall to question the Prime Minister’s initiatives,” said Akbar.

Dismissing Congress’s questions on the source of funds for Modi’s meetings abroad, he said people are always willing to come and listen to the prime minister. “We do not have to rent a crowd unlike some others during the Bihar elections. Of course the government of India pays all the PM’s expenses,” said Akbar.

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