Cong mock Assembly continues,Atwal named ‘sarkari’ Speaker

Cong mock Assembly continues,Atwal named ‘sarkari’ Speaker

Before his party MLAs could speak on the Governor’s address,breaking the tradition of neutrality,“Speaker” Kang first spoke his mind.

Kharar MLA Jagmohan Kang,who “occupied” the Speaker’s chair on Wednesday when the Punjab Assembly witnessed pandemonium over entry of Tarn Taran police assault victim and now occupies it during the mock assembly of the Congress,Monday termed Charanjit Atwal as ‘sarkari Speaker’.

As the “session” which he had adjourned Friday resumed today,Kang told party MLAs ways to differentiate between him and Atwal. “He is a proxy Speaker who does the bidding of the government. You can call him Sarkari Speaker,” he said.

Before his party MLAs could speak on the Governor’s address,breaking the tradition of neutrality,“Speaker” Kang first spoke his mind.

“The sarkari Speaker broke all traditions and suspended our nine MLAs. Even after our CLP leader said whatever happened was unfortunate,the arrogant government said the suspensions will not be revoked. Now he is trying to mediate a compromise. Badle badle se sarkar nazar aate hai,ghar ki barbadi ke aasaar nazar aate hai (The mood of the government is sombre. It seems they know of the impending doom),” Kang said.


Amid clapping by his colleagues,Kang invited former CLP leader Rajinder Kaur Bhattal to open the debate. Bhattal said Sukhbir had sent army like Mughals to raid the Congress office.

“He functions like a dictator. He could have done it democratically by speaking to the CLP leader,” she said.

Next to speak was Rana Gurjit who had thumped the Speaker’s mallet on the day of free-for-all. He said Punjab’s growth rate had slipped to 18th among states in last five year plan and its farm growth rate was even worse. “The government has demanded Rs 5,000 crore from the centre for diversification. It would then be diversified towards sangat darshans,” he said. He then went on to highlight Rs 500-crore scam in the public health department of the state saying it was using sub-standard boring and plastic pipes to carry water.

Kang said the mock assembly will continue till March 26,the last day of the budget session.

‘Vote of thanks’ for Bansal

Leader of Opposition Sunil Jakhar Monday proposed a vote of thanks for Railways Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal for providing the crucial Ferozepur-Patti link to the state. “I reject the Governor’s address as a bundle of lies by the government. I want to move vote of thanks for Bansal,” he said. “Speaker” Jagmohan Kang then sought ayes and nays. “There are all ayes and the resolution has been passed unanimously,” he announced.

Quoting the Indian Express to justify stand

Referring to editorials written by newspapers condemning the manner in which the Congress MLAs had behaved on March 13,the chief minister read a part of The Indian Express editorial that appeared on March 14. “Every newspaper has condemned the action by Congress MLAs. We are not the only ones saying it,” he added.

Sympathy for Capt

In his speech,the Chief Minister mentioned the “unfortunate” manner in which Captain Amarinder Singh was replaced as state Congress chief. “It was akin to someone being removed under Section 311. No inquiry,no appeal and a removal order is given. I hope he is not removed from state politics also in the garb of being given a bigger role in national politics. It seems so as all his favourites reached Amritsar at Bajwa’s show,” said Badal.

Potshots at bajwa

The Chief Minister also took potshots at PCC chief Pratap Singh Bajwa. “He had assured me that he will usher in a new era of cooperation. Instead he started the policy of confrontation. The confrontation is the flagship scheme of the Congress,” he said,adding,Bajwa has told his men not to meet ministers for anything. “In that case I’ll go to the houses of Congressmen and seek cooperation in running the government,” he added.

MLAs dont climb trees

Referring to Congress leader Lal Singh having climbed a tree during the mock assembly outside the Vidhan Sabha,chief minister said,“ I don’t want to take the name of the animal,which climbs trees. But it is certainly not something that behove a MLA,” he said.