Assam govt mulls salary hike for forest guards

Assam govt mulls salary hike for forest guards

Tarun Gogoi stressed on the need to modernise the weapons of the forest guards.

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Monday said the government will consider increasing salaries and other allowances of forest guards and other officials in the near future.

“We will look into the matter and will surely take steps to further improve the financial condition of our forest guards and other people,” Gogoi told reporters here.

Attending a function to celebrate the wildlife week in the city,the Chief Minister said ground level workers live in very difficult conditions and work under hostile situations.

“They are working very dedicatedly to protect the wildlife. They are catching the poachers and helping us to make our forests safe for the animals,” he added.


Asked by when the decision to increase the emoluments will be taken,Gogoi declined to give any specific answer.

“I promise today that their financial condition will be improved. I will discuss the matter with the finance department that how much we can help them and then will take a decision accordingly,” he added.

Delivering his speech,Gogoi stressed on the need to modernise the weapons of the forest guards to counter the sophisticated machinery of the poachers.

“We have controlled the terrorists,so why can’t we control the poachers? We will control them. We believe in the capability of our forest guards,” he said.

Criticising the media,especially the electronic media,Gogoi said good work of the forest department should also be highlighted along with any lapse.

“If one rhino is killed,then you always criticise the Forest Minister,but why don’t you criticise or talk anything about the poachers? Similarly,the forest people should be praised when they catch a poacher,” he added.