Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP government wins Trust Vote in Delhi Assembly

Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP government wins Trust Vote in Delhi Assembly

Kejriwal listed the 17 areas that he said his government would seek to reform.

The AAP government headed by Arvind Kejriwal will take a floor test on Thursday. Many who took oath as MLAs on Wednesday were not sure whether the government would survive the trust vote,given that Kejriwal had said on Monday that his government had only 48 hours to keep its promises. Here are the highlights:

<6.32 pm: Kejriwal’s government wins Trust Vote.

6.25 pm: “Despite high bills,water does not reach households,” said Kejriwal.

<6.30 pm: Kejriwal raised the 17 points that his government is seeking to accomplish.

6.18 pm: “VIP culture has to end,in Delhi,and in the whole of India,” said Kejriwal.

6.17 pm: “The politicians of this country made the biggest mistake of their lives by assuming the ‘aam aadmi’ has no fight in himself,” said Kejriwal.

6.12 pm: Kejriwal said the ‘Aam aadmi’ wants food,shelter,security and good,honest governance. “Why?” he asked,”after 66 years of independence,is the country in this state? It is because of that,that the aam aadmi has to take to politics. That is why we are here”.

6.10 pm: “Every person who wants to live a dishonest life,is a ‘Khas aadmi’,every person who wants to live an honest life,is an ‘Aam aadmi’,irrespective of whether one is affluent or poor,” Kejriwal said.

6.08 pm: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addresses the Assembly ahead of the voting.

3.20 pm: “Congress had nothing to lose in case of re-election. Still it respected the mandate of the people and offered AAP support,” Lovely said.


3.15 pm: Lovely said Congress has decided to support AAP keeping in mind the people of Delhi,who had showed their support for AAP. “We formed the coalition without any meeting or talks. We offered them support only to work for the people of Delhi,” he said.

3.11 pm: “When Kejriwal speaks of probing corruption in Delhi,he does not only mean of the Congress governments,but also BJP governments,” said Lovely.

3.09 pm: Lovely took a dig at BJP,saying though the Congress had been voted out squarely,BJP has not been able to accept that despite pre-polls confidence that it would form government,it has to sit in Opposition’s chair.

3.05 pm: Congress leader,Arvinder Singh Lovely,takes over from BJP’s Harsh Vardhan.

3.02 pm: “You have based your campaign and come to power with rhetorical pledges to fight corruption and rid the country of malgovernance. Yet,the very day you joined forces with the corrupt Congress,you lost the moral right to play the part of national crusaders,” Harsh Vardhan charged AAP.

2.55 pm: Harsh Vardhan criticised the water and power policies formulated by the new government headed by AAP,saying people would hesitate to use toilets for fear that their water consumption may go up.

2.50 pm: “Kejriwal lied during his poll campaign that he had served as Income Tax commissioner,” said Harsh Vardhan.

2.48 pm: “AAP,which claims to be the most honest party,took the support of the most corrupt party,” said Harsh Vardhan.

2.37 pm: Unrest erupts in Vidhan Sabha.

2.34 pm: Harsh Vardhan charged Kejriwal and AAP with misleading the public by making promises about ‘normalising’ travel,transport and security arrangements of elected representatives. “Although you said you had declined to keep security,more than 4000 policemen were posted at Ramlila Maidan when you were sworn in as CM. The other arrangements that have been since you have become CM,too,appear otherwise than what you promised,” he said.

2.32 pm: “Despite knowing there was no way of passing the Jan Lokpal Bill in such a short time,Arvind Kejriwal promised to deliver it within 15 days,” Harsh Vardhan said.


2.27 pm: BJP leader Harsh Vardhan asked the new chief minister if he would keep his words and start investigating allegations of corruption against Congress leaders. “AAP had earlier said it would not take Congress support,but now they are in a coalition,” he said.

2.25 pm: “People of Delhi gave maximum seats to the most honest party (BJP),which emerged as the largest party,” said Harsh Vardhan.

2.19 pm: BJP leader Harsh Vardhan says Arvind Kejriwal is sitting in the assembly as the Chief Minister because of Anna Hazare’s movement.

2.14 pm: “We want to ensure that people of Delhi get clean water and cheap electricity…we want to end the VIP culture and start a political culture of dedication,” said Manish Sisodia.

2.10 pm: Aam Aadmi Party minister Manish Sisodia addresses Delhi Assembly ahead of Trust vote.

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