Archaeology department undertakes renovation of ‘Mausi Maa’ temple

Archaeology department undertakes renovation of ‘Mausi Maa’ temple

30 lakhs were granted for the renovation of Baldevjew and Mausi Maa temples under heritage conservation project.

After the conservation work of Baldevjew temple, repair and renovation of ‘Mausi Maa’ temple of Lord Baldevjew, both 300-year-old structures, have been undertaken by the archaeology department of Odisha in Kendrapara district.

The temple was wallowing in neglect following gross absence of periodic repair work.

“Conservation work of 300-year-old Baldevjew temple has come to an end. Now the state archaeology department is carrying out repair of the Mausi Maa temple which is as old as Baldevjew temple. At present de-plastering of the exterior of the temple is going on”, senior technical consultant, State Archaeology Department (SAD), Chitta Ranjan Rath, said.

The protective compound wall of Mausi Maa temple is in bad shape. It requires rebuilding. Besides cracks have appeared on portions of the outer wall of the temple. The department is trying its level best to complete the repair work before the Rath Yatra. But there is every likelihood that we may fall short of the required funds, he said.


Both the temples were built in 1707 year during the Marahatta subedar rule in this part. It’s a four-way structure and is devoid of architectural design. The Marahatta style of temple building was mostly simple without intricate stone cravings.

“The project to renovate the endangered portion of the temple is in full swing. The earmarked grant may not cater to the full-fledged restoration work. There is the need for more funds to give the temple a facelift”, member of temple trust board, Akhsyaya Pani, said.

There was allocation of Rs 30 lakh from 13th Finance commission grants for the renovation of Baldevjew and Mausi Maa temples under heritage conservation project.

Although renovation and repair work of Baldevjew was carried out, Jhulan Mandap (ritual pedestal) and Rosha Griha (temple kitchen) of the Baldevjew temple are in bad shape.

Due to fund crunch, the renovation of these dilapidated structures could not be taken up and inadequate funds was left for Mausi Maa temple repair work, Pani said.

Hence the temple management board has called upon the government for sanction of fresh grants for the temple renovation work, Pani said.

Precarious condition of both Baldevjew and Mausi Maa temples which date back to the reign of Marahattas had sparked public resentment. The stone blocks from enfeebled parts of Baldevjew temple had fallen off on couple of occasions in past, raising safety concern of the temple.

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