Anti-Modi resolution blocked in Pakistan’s Punjab province Assembly

Anti-Modi resolution blocked in Pakistan’s Punjab province Assembly

Opposition Leader Rasheed said 'we condemn Mr Modi's repeated baseless allegations of terrorism against Pakistan.'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ( Source: PTI )
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ( Source: PTI )

A resolution against Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “allegations of terrorism against Pakistan” was on Thursday blocked in the Assembly of Punjab province.

The opposition comprising Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, PPP, PML-Q and Jamaat-e-Islami wanted to bring the “anti-Modi” resolution in the 372-member house but Speaker Rana Iqbal did not allow it.

Opposition members started shouting slogans against India and the ruling PML-N government as they tore the copies of the agenda of Thursday’s proceedings.

Opposition Leader Mahmoodur Rasheed said it was unfortunate that the Speaker was indirectly supporting Modi.


The opposition members then walked out and held a demonstration on the stairs of the Assembly. Earlier in the day, they had submitted the resolution.

Reading out from the resolution to reporters, Rasheed said: “The resolution is against the attitude of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mr Modi had repeated baseless allegations of terrorism against Pakistan. We strongly condemn (Mr Modi) for repeating the allegations.

“We demand that the new Indian government stop funding terrorists in Balochistan, end its illegal hold on the water of Kashmir and Pakistan. The people of Pakistan want peace between the two countries.”

The resolution further reads: “India should stop acting like a station house officer (SHO) of the region. It should not consider Pakistan’s resolve for peace a weakness and start peace dialogue with it.

“The main hurdle in peace between Pakistan and India is the Kashmir dispute which should be resolved under the UN Resolution 1948 which carries the signature of former Indian premier Jawaharlal Nehru.”

Rasheed said the PML-N government had demonstrated that it was pro-India. He said the opposition would continue its protest and would not let the speaker to run the house smoothly.