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‘Maruti wanted truce,union said no’

Manesar Hours before attack,officials agreed to revoke worker’s suspension next day: Labour dept to Govt

Manesar Hours before attack,officials agreed to revoke worker’s suspension next day: Labour dept to Govt

Hours before they were attacked with iron rods at the Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki India on July 18,officials had agreed to revoke the suspension of a worker against whom action had been taken earlier in the day after an altercation with a supervisor. But representatives of the workers’ union — ten of them have been arrested so far in connection with the violence in which a general manager was killed — refused to accept the offer of revoking the suspension the next day and insisted on his immediate reinstatement.

These details form part of the labour department’s report to the government on the Manesar violence. The report states that on the evening of July 18 when the union representatives refused to accept the suspension of the worker,Maruti officials,in the presence of labour department officials,agreed to revoke the suspension in writing on July 19.

“Labour inspector and labour officer discussed the issue separately with union members and management and also convened a joint meeting. Management agreed to revoke the suspension in writing on July 19 when Jia Lal,worker,and Sangram Singh,supervisor,would be present and apologise to each other. The offer was turned down by the union representatives,” the report states.


Perplexed by the reluctance of union representatives to accept this arrangement,labour officials have written to the Haryana government that they could find no real reason for the violence.

In May,two union representatives were suspended for allegedly obstructing production work. The labour department intervened and the suspension was revoked after three days with the two union representatives tendering an apology.

Maruti Suzuki,meanwhile,has no immediate plans for resuming work at the Manesar plant. “We want stern action against the culprits,they must be punished. Only then will we be able to take a decision on resumption of work,” a senior Maruti official said.

Haryana officials point to the trust deficit between the workers and the management. “Labourers will not come to work till they know their names do not figure in the police list. Supervisors and other employees will also turn up only after they are assured that there is sufficient security and there is no threat to life. This matter will take some time to resolve,” an official said.

Maruti to scale up safety measures at Manesar plant

New Delhi: Hit by the worst ever violence in its history,the country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki on Friday said it was considering to deploy safety measures for employees at the Manesar plant.

The company,which has declared a lockout after the July 18 violence in which a senior executive was killed,said it is still concerned about the safety of its employees despite arrests of union leaders of the Manesar unit and the production shut down will continue.

“Giving high priority to employee safety,the company is considering initiatives to scale up safety in the Manesar plant,” Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) said in a statement.

In this direction,the company is exploring the best safety measures in terms of equipment and on-ground training for its employees,it added.

After the violence on July 18,the Manesar plant is currently being guarded by the Haryana police with few hundred policemen stationed inside the complex. Following the violence and arson,MSI had on July 21 announced a lockout at the unit.

“The company continues to be concerned about the safety and security of its people,hence not in a position to take a decision on resuming operations at the Manesar plant,” the statement said.

MSI further said it will announce its decision to reopen the plant only when it is assured of employee safety.

Yesterday,MSI’s Japanese parent Suzuki Motor Corp (SMC) had said the Manesar unit is in a condition to resume operations but would not do so as safety was yet to be restored.


SMC had earlier said a mob of approximately 100 workers damaged “the buildings of the plant office and the security office” but “there is no heavy damage to the plant facilities”. MSI claimed that nearly 100 others employees were injured in the violence,but SMC on its website had said “41 people were hospitalised and 46 people were treated in the hospital”.

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