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Jawans clash with officers in Army camp in Leh

A jawan allegedly misbehaved with the wife of a Major who beat him up,official sources say.

Tension gripped an Army regiment here after a group of officers and jawans clashed following an incident of alleged molestation involving an orderly and the reported capturing of the armoury by the agitated soldiers.

The trigger for the clash took place late yesterday afternoon in Nyoma sub-district,located 150 kilometres from here,when a jawan allegedly misbehaved with the wife of a Major who beat him up,official sources said.

The officers and jawans of 226 Field Regiment were undergoing firing practice at this place.

The Major did not permit other jawans to allow any medical treatment for the ‘sahayak’ fuelling anger among the colleagues who objected,the sources said.

The news reached the Commanding Officer of the regiment who was camping in nearby police guest house. He immediately reached the scene and gauging the mood shouted at the Major for his reluctance to allow the injured ‘sahayak’ being taken for treatment.


Seeing this,the Major along with five of his officer colleagues beat the Commanding Officer,a Colonel,in front of jawans. This angered the jawans who then went berserk and beat the other officers with sticks,the sources said.

The Commanding Officer was immediately shifted to Leh hospital.

Nearly 40 to 50 jawans then started a search for Major rank officers. Two were found in nearby camp and were beaten up,the sources said,adding they were rescued after an intervention by the local police.

Three Majors were still hiding and are believed to have moved towards Chashool Army camp located on Sino-India border,the sources said.

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