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Why Didi was not smiling today?

When someone asked a question prefixing Didi as a VIP, she stopped him midway and corrected – “I am not a VIP. I am a LIP – Less Important Person. I want to continue as a commoner for the rest of my life. “

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CM Mamata Banerjee arrives for press conference while TMC is leading towards majority at her residence , Harish chatterjee street ,in Kolkata on Thursday. (Source: Express photo by partha Paul)

“Everyone is asking , Didi why are you not smiling?”

It was a self confession of sorts on Thursday when Mamata Banerjee appeared before the media to announce the party’s victory.

True, despite the spectacular victory, the natural, spontaneous grin was missing from Mamata Banerjee for the entire course of her interactive session.


“How can I smile when I have so much pain and grief in my mind,” said Mamata Banerjee. “Pain, because so many persons have died in Shantipur in Nadia in the boat capsize but I could not reach them because of the polls. I am in pain because Ajoy De has lost in the election in Shantipur. He is such an asset to the party.’


“I am in pain because Manish Gupta has lost in jadvapur. Jadvapur polls had been a different story. I will conduct an inquiry to find out how over 90% polling was done and with whose help? Jadvapur was not a winning case for the CPM,” she added.


“But I am happy too, today because I have been able to do the Lakshyabhed like Arjuna – I had successfully brought the development agenda into the polls and the people responded. So people’s smile is my smile,”Mamata said.

After a long break of several months, Mamata Banerjee seemed to be interacting with the media free and frank on Thursday evidently releasing the immense pressure she had been through in a long and tortuous campaign trail with a scorching weather draining her every day.

When someone asked a question prefixing Didi as a VIP, she stopped him midway and corrected – “I am not a VIP. I am a LIP – Less Important Person. I want to continue as a commoner for the rest of my life. “

And about the resounding victory in Junglemahal she was estatic saying: “The people have bowled out the Opponents.” The cricketing analogy came when Surya kanta Mishra the CPM politburo member and West Bengal state secretary had drawn a parallel after the first phase of poling saying: “the voters have hit a six, an over boundary to throw the Trinamool Congress out.”

Today was Didi’s turn to reply and she said: “The people of Junglemahal have hit a chhakka. The Opponents have been bowled out.”

She also went on to describe the Communists as “the great grandfather of corruption in Bengal. The Congress has done a big blunder in national politics by aligning with the Communists, and the CPM has done a big blunder in the state having joined the hands with the Congress,” she said.

“You remember my days in 2004?” she asked and added, “I was reduced to just one. I was alone in the parliament. Still, I did not compromise with my politics, with my ideology. Once you lose your ideology, you lose everything. The Communists have lost everything in the polls,” she said.

She also heaped praises on the national media calling out names of media groups and thanking them profusely for being ‘impartial” even in the face of a fierce false campaign by the rivals. “Only one regional media group was the exception. But today, I would rather not name them. People have already taught them a lesson,” she said.

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