Video: Orphanage staff use hot spoon to burn kids’ hands in Telangana

Video: Orphanage staff use hot spoon to burn kids’ hands in Telangana

In a shocking incident, chidlren at 'Shishu Greh' in Telangana's Karimnagar were brutally burnt with heated spoons on their hands by the organisation's workers for not eating food.

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Presently, all the three children, who were reportedly harmed by the workers, are safe in the same ‘Shishu Greh’.

Two women attendants of a state-run orphanage at Karimnagar were arrested Wednesday afternoon and a case registered against them after they allegedly inflicted burn injuries on the hands of three orphaned children with a hot spoon. The children have been admitted to a government-run hospital.

Footage of a CCTV camera at Shishu Gruha purportedly shows the two attendants, Buchamma (45) and Padmaja (36) inflicting burn injuries on the children’s hands.

Watch Video | Telangana Caretaker Burning Kids With Hot Spoon Caught On Camera


The footage shows Buchamma heating the spoon on the stove till it’s red. She then hands it over to Padmaja, who is earlier seen slapping the children, asking them to eat quickly. Padmaja takes the spoon and places it on the children’s hands. As the children scream, she is seen warning them and threatening to repeat the act. The attendants reportedly wanted the children to finish their meals quickly so that they too could eat, wash the vessels and sleep.

District Collector M Neetu Kumar Prasad has suspended the two attendants and a third one who was not seen in the footage, but reportedly knew what was happening.



While the incident took place around 8pm on April 15, the three children—one girl and two boys—narrated the incident to a staff nurse and counsellor from the social welfare department only on Tuesday.

A child who suffered burn injuries. (Express Photo)
A child who suffered burn injuries. (Express Photo)

S Hari Prasad of Karimnagar’s Two Town Police Station said, “Initially, the attendants denied any wrongdoing. They said the children were playing with a gas lighter and accidentally injured themselves. But, when they were confronted with the CCTV footage, they confessed’’.

He added: “These children are below five and they were scared to talk. After I spent some time with them, they narrated what happened.’’

The orphanage is run by the Women and Child Welfare Department of the Telangana government.


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