BJP MP Hukum Singh warns of another partition

BJP MP Hukum Singh claimed that Hindus fear the communal label and consequently suffer.

Written by RAMENDRA SINGH | Lucknow | Published: November 20, 2016 1:39:23 am
Hukum Singh, BJP,. BJP UP. Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh BJP, Partition, India news Hukum Singh asked Hindus to make unity an election issue.

BJP MP Hukum Singh on Saturday asked Hindus to remain alert while warning of another partition. “…it may not happen during my lifetime… but in 10, 15, 20 years, another Sir Syed Ahmad Khan will be born and say there should be one more division,” he said referring to the Aligarh Muslim University founder, who died 49 years before partition.

Singh claimed that Hindus fear the communal label and consequently suffer. “Sir Syed Ahmad Khan laid the foundation of Pakistan from Aligarh,’’ claimed Singh while addressing a Hindu Front for Justice seminar here titled ‘Ek Bharat Abhiyan — Kashmir ki Ore” on the “migration of Hindus from Kashmir and Kairana’’.

He asked Hindus to make unity an election issue. “There are many opportunities in democracy. You should make this an issue in the (Uttar Pradesh) elections.’’

Singh, who is an accused in the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots in which over 60 people mostly Muslims were killed, said
that he was saddened to see abandoned Kashmiri Pandit houses in Srinagar. He added that the Pandits had to leave their home because of their religion. “Those people who are part of our country… are now challenging us to send them back to the same houses which they left and where they can be insulted.’’

He claimed that many houses have “for sale” boards hanging outside in Kairana, where Muslims account for 85 per cent of the population. “This is happening because we are secular,’’ he said. “Then I decided that I should get the stamp of being communal.’’

Ex-BJP MP Raghunandan Sharma described “rapidly increasing’’ Muslim population a cause of concern. “If the government cannot stop them from having four wives and 40 children, then you can at least make your own team of kabaddi. If you will do so, they will themselves come back from four to one and from 40 to four.’’ Sharma called secularist Hindus more fatal than Muslims while asking for a campaign against them.

MP Kaushal Kishore asked Hindus to unite or else “their population will be more than yours” and “the government, PM and CMs will all be theirs”.

Lawyer Harishankar Jain demanded 99 per cent reservation for Hindus and scrapping of voting rights of polygamous men and those with more than two children.

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