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Rajya Sabha polls: Cash-for-vote tape stings Karnataka MLAs

MLA Mallikarjun Khuba allegedly asked for Rs 5 crore from the reporters who posed as supporters of a candidate.

A GROUP of MLAs from Karnataka were being shown by a television news channel on Thursday, purportedly demanding money, in crores of rupees, for supporting a candidate in the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections.

India Today TV showed footage from a sting operation in which four MLAs or their relatives had either demanded money or discussed the possibility of accepting money for supporting a particular candidate in the elections for the Upper House.

The channel claimed that Mallikarjun Khuba, an MLA from the Basvkalyan constituency in the state, had asked for Rs 5 crore from its reporters who had posed as supporters of a candidate. Khuba was shown asking for money equivalent of what he spends for his own election. “I said it is above 5. I said it before,” he was shown to have said.


The channel showed another MLA from the same party, G T Devegowda, negotiating with the undercover journalists about money. It also showed a man, who it claimed was the MLA’s son-in-law, discussing a price of Rs 10 crore for supporting the candidature of the Rajya Sabha nominee.

Another MLA, said to be B R Patil representing Aland constituency, was caught on tape. Patil belongs to KJP party, founded by former CM B S Yeddyurappa. Yeddyurappa later merged his party into BJP, but Patil did not join. Patil was earlier associated with the JD(S) and Congress.

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