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Rahul ends hunger strike, says there’s massive discrimination in institutions

Rahul Gandhi has joined the hunger strike by students at the Hyderabad university on the birthday of Rohith Vemula

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at the protest site in Hyderabad Central University (Photo: Twitter/INC India)
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at the protest site in Hyderabad Central University (Photo: Twitter/INC India)

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday sat on a fast along with the protesting students at the Hyderabad Central University. The students have been agitating after Rohith Vemula, a Dalit PhD student at the university, committed suicide by hanging himself in his room. Rohith and five other students were suspended by the university in connection with an alleged attack on an ABVP leader.

On January 18, Gandhi had made his first visit to the university, a day after Rohith committed suicide. That day, he had promised complete support to their agitation.


6:3o pm: PM Narendra Modi and RSS trying to crush the spirit of Indian students and youngsters by imposing ‘one idea from top’: Rahul Gandhi.

6:20 pm: Please put your idea in the market place of ideas & then if students’ accept that idea, I am fine with it- R Gandhi


6:05 pm: My main opposition to Mr. Modi & RSS is that they are trying to crush spirit of Indian youngsters by imposing one idea from on top- R Gandhi

6:00 pm: You will one day find that the very same people who crushed Rohith will be blocking your path to freedom, to progress- Rahul Gandhi

5:50 pm: When you let what has happened to Rohith happen in the country, it will happen to you one day, no matter who you are- Rahul Gandhi

5:40 pm: Rahul Gandhi, Rohith Vemula’s mother end their hunger strike at University of Hyderabad.

5:35 pm: There is massive discrimination in institutions of different kind: Rahul Gandhi

5:30 pm: Every single student must realise that most powerful thing they have is not what some powerful ppl tell you but what you believe in- Rahul Gandhi

5:25 pm: It is a very interesting day as it is not just Rohith’s birthday but also Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary- Rahul Gandhi

5:20 pm: I want to thank Rohith’s family and students of the University for inviting me for the function- Rahul Gandhi.

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2:30 pm: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee leaders, who were protesting outside the university were detained by police.

1:30 pm: Students from JNU and FTII have reportedly joined the hunger strike.

12:30 pm: Constant attempt to make Rohith Vemula issue a Dalit vs non-Dalit one: Sambit Patra,BJP on Rahul Gandhi

12:15 pm: The way insensitivity has been shown by Rahul Gandhi, is the reason why I say Rahul and responsibility cannot go together: Sambit Patra, BJP

10:45 am: Meanwhile, the BJP has dubbed Rahul’s visit a ‘classic case of vulturisation.’

“Rahul Gandhi and Congress are so politically bankrupt and unemployed that he has to politicise tragic death of a student repeatedly,” Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao told PTI.

“Why is Rahul Gandhi not in Chennai, where three girls’ committed suicide almost a week ago,” he asked.

“His desperate attempt to earn some petty political expediency, has brought him back to HCU campus. This is classic politics of vulturisation,” Rao said.

10:30 am: A young life full of dreams and aspirations was cut short: Rahul Gandhi

I am here today at the request of Rohith’s friends and family, to stand with them in their fight for justice: Rahul Gandhi

We owe it to him, to memory of Gandhiji, to every single Indian student who dreams of an India free from prejudice & injustice: Rahul Gandhi

10:25 am: Rohith Vemula’s mother has joined the hunger strike.


10:15 am: Rahul Gandhi has rejoined the hunger strike by students at the university. He had met the students late on Friday night.