Pawan Hans Chopper crashes off Bombay High, 2 pilots missing

Pawan Hans Chopper crashes off Bombay High, 2 pilots missing

“Pawan hans helicopter was carrying out night landing practice with only two pilots on board when it crashed and sank. There were no passenger on board,” the agency's press release read.

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The incident happened around 7.30 pm on Wednesday, around 80 nautical miles of South Bombay near the oil development base of Bombay High close to a oil platform named – SLQ.

A Pawan Hans chopper crashed off Bombay High on Wednesday evening. The Indian Navy has started search and rescue operations to locate the two pilots on board the helicopter, and has been joined by the Indian Coast Guard (CG). A door of the chopper was sighted by a merchant ship in the area till last reports came in.

The incident occurred around 7.30 pm. Preliminary reports suggested that the helicopter fell into the sea about two nautical miles away from ‘SHQ’ oil platform near the oil development base of Bombay High. However, no risk has been caused to any platforms located at Bombay High.

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre had got the beacon signal seconds before the chopper plunged into the Arabian Sea.

“Around 7.15 pm, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre received a information from Coast Guard Dornier on surveillance sortie off Offshore Development Area about ditching of Pawan Hans Dauphin Helicopter AS 365 N3 with two persons on board at sea near ONGC Platform SLQ located about 80 miles west of Mumbai,” said a press release from the Coast Guard.