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JNU row: Blow by blow, a day with lawyers in a Delhi court

The Indian Express recount how lawyers beat up one another, student leader Kanhaiya and others on court premises

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One lawyer advances towards another during the course of a showdown between two groups on the Patiala House Courts premises Wednesday. AP photo

8:30-11:00 am: Preparation

Heavy security deployment at Patiala House Courts. Gate number 2 cordoned off for general public, alongside heavy restrictions for both litigants and lawyers.

11-11:30 am: First chants

Advocates arrive at gate number 2 and begin protesting. Over 150 lawyers chant anti-JNU slogans, threaten police officials for imposing restrictions inside the court. Within half an hour, 100 more lawyers join. A minor scuffle takes place between security officials and lawyers.

11:30 am-1 pm: The fight

A group of lawyers led by advocate Vikram Singh Chauhan march on the premises, chanting, “Bharat Mata ki Jai. Gaddaro Bharat chhodo.” The group breaches security and enters the court premises. And when another faction of lawyers emerges, police quietly back away. This group raises its own slogan, “Thana shahi nahi chalegi. Kanhaiya tum sangharsh karo, hum tumhare saath hai.” A scuffle break outs between the two groups. A lawyer, a journalist and a student from Sonepat are beaten up.

1-2:30 pm: Silent cops


Lawyers continue to march and chant slogans. Far from being intimidated by the heavy police presence, they beat up at least three of the few policemen who try to stop them. The lawyers encircle the main building, where Kanhaiya will be produced. They threaten journalists and ask them not to take out their cellphones. Policemen still watching, lawyers ask every journalist outside the court to show his or her ID card. Another minor scuffle breaks out between police and lawyers. Stones are thrown at cameramen.

2:50 pm: assault ON Kanhaiya

Kanhaiya arrives. Though he is accompanied by five policemen, at least eight lawyers assault him as he is being taken towards the courtroom. They slap him, rain blows on his chest and also on his feet. The mob follows him up to the court, where he is attacked in the presence of JNU professor Himanshu. The professor then asks the police to arrest one of the lawyers who assaulted Kanhaiya. The police let the lawyers leave the court.

3 pm: Inside THE COURT

Court proceedings begin. Police make brief submissions and seek judicial custody of Kanhaiya, who tells the judge he was assaulted twice and there is a threat to his life. He submits a written statement. The judge asks the DCP concerned to ensure his security in jail.

3:25-3:50 pm: Target Sibal

Supreme Court-appointed commissioners arrive to assess the situation in the trial court. Senior advocate Kabil Sibal and others are abused by the lawyers, who threaten to attack Sibal. Stones and shoes are hurled on Sibal’s car, even as he leaves. Lawyers then argue with journalists over Sibal “defending an anti-national”, and ask media to cover instead the death of an RSS worker in Kerala. During the argument, yet another stone is thrown and the camera of an AP photojournalist is damaged.

4-5 pm: The ruling

The court sends Kanhaiya to 14 days in Tihar jail. It immediately calls a doctor from RML to examine Kanhiaya after the assault; the doctor arrives and does a checkup. The court orders the doctor to write the history of the assault as recounted by Kanhaiya.

5-7 pm: Safe exit

To ensure that he isn’t attacked again, cops dress Kanhaiya up in a police uniform and take him out of the court after the hearing concludes. The uniform is that of an anti-riot cell officer. The ruse works — senior police officers including DC (third battalion) S K Tiwari escort Kanhaiya to Tihar.