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#PanamaPapers: Here’s the dummies guide to understanding what it means

From Amitabha Bachchan to Vladimir Putin, several celebrities and world leaders have found mention in the #PanamaPapers. This video explains what the #PanamaPapers is all about.

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#PanamaPapers explained by a Reddit user and Vox using the piggy bank analogy

The Panama Papers expose has taken the Internet by storm – a Prime Minister has resigned, the United States has drafted new laws, several nations, including India, have ordered probes into possible tax evasion by their nationals.

With a massive 2.6 TB of data or over 11 million documents leaked, one can find themselves lost, trying to figure out what the expose is all about.

From Amitabh Bachchan to Nawaz Sharif to Vladimir Putin, several celebrities, world leaders and names from the world of sport have found mention in the #PanamaPapers – investigated and released in India exclusively by The Indian Express.

But what did they do? Was it all illegal? Is having an offshore account against the law?


To answer these questions, Redditor DanGliesack took up the task of doing a quick explainer under Reddit’s ExplainLikeImFive thread.

He used piggy banks – perhaps the most basic and easiest form of stashing your savings – to explain the world’s largest ever leaks.

So easy to grasp it was, that Vox decided to convert his explainer into an even-easier-to-understand video. Watch it below.
WATCH: The Panama Papers, explained with piggy banks

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