Anonymous ‘Pakistani’ calls seek opinion on ‘India’s surgical strikes’

Punjabis in Jalandhar have been receiving calls from “Pakistanis” asking their opinion on the strikes.

Written by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Updated: October 2, 2016 4:01:58 am

Ever since the surgical attacks by the Indian Army into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir last month, Punjabis here have been receiving calls from “Pakistanis” asking their opinion on the strikes.

Inderjit Singh of Bombay Nagar on Wadala Road said he got one such call on Friday night.

“The number did not have any of the codes that you would expect if it were made from a phone in India,” he said. “The person said that he was a Pakistani and wanted to know of the reaction of Indians to PM Modi’s decision to launch the strikes. I asked him how he got my number to which he said it was none of my business and just answer the question.”

Gurkit Singh, a resident of Friends Colony too received a similar call. “I thought that someone was playing a prank on me but then the caller got quite abusive and then I disconnected,” he said.

They had not reported the calls to police yet thinking that it may just be a prank.

Most of whom The Indian Express spoke to said they had shared their number on social networking sites like Facebook where they weren’t too careful with the privacy settings.

While India and Pakistan’s country codes are +91 and +92 respectively, the caller numbers country code people
reported in this case began with +49, +38 and +27, among others.

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