They (BJP) know which measures need to be taken: Naeem Akhtar

They (BJP) know which measures need to be taken: Naeem Akhtar

Akhtar, PDP chief spokesperson, spoke to Bashaarat Masood

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Naeem Akhtar

Why hasn’t the government yet been formed?

The agenda of alliance is a sacred document for us but there is little forward movement when it comes to implementation of certain core political and economic issues. We don’t want to form a government just for the sake of it. The Centre will have to address certain core political and economic issues and take state-centric measures to create an atmosphere of trust.

What are those measures, and do you have a timeframe for their implementation?

They know which measures need to be taken. When and how that happens is a matter of understanding and trust.

Why is the PDP taking such a hard stance?


There is no hard or soft stance. We need to be practical and that’s what we are being.

Is going back to the people an option for the PDP?

We have not thought about it.

Mehbooba Mufti said the alliance with the BJP is unpopular. Does the PDP fear it will not do well if elections are held?

We are a political party and not a kiryana store that we would look at our ledger in terms of profit and loss every evening. We go by our agenda of peace and development and will continue to work for that.

At Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s funeral, fewer people turned up than at the funerals of other popular personalities. Is that a matter of concern for you?

No, it is not true. Mufti Sahib was a practitioner of unpopular politics. He was a reformist and a time will come when people will value his reforms. And even then Mufti Sahib created what is now the largest political force in the state. That’s the only political reality. And on his last day as chief minister he visited Srinagar city including areas where none of his predecessors ventured.

Apart from allying with the BJP and seeking a fresh mandate, is the PDP looking at any other option?

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