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Kanhaiya Kumar to visit Pune on April 24

Kanhaiya will attend the Rohit Act and Samvidhan Parishad. He will also visit the Film and Television Institute of India.

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Kanhaiya spoke in Nagpur Thursday

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) President Kanhaiya Kumar will visit Pune April 24. Various students and youth organisations in the city have come together under the banner of “Purogami Vidyarthi Yuvak Sangharsh Samiti, Pune” to invite Kanhaiya for the “Rohit Act and Samvidhan Parishad”.

The venue will be finalised within a couple of days, said representatives of the Purogami Vidyarthi Yuvak Sangharsh Samiti during a press conference Friday. They also said that Kanhaiya will visit the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). Samiti members also said that they would actively oppose Sangh Parivar activists at the conference. Representatives of All India Students Federation (AISF), Sambhaji brigade, Nationalist Congress Party, National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), Republican Party of India (Kharat group) and others were present for the press conference.


“We are inviting Kanhaiya Kumar for delivering the speech at Rohit Act and Samvidhan Parishad, being organised by at least 20 student and youth groups,” said Santosh Shinde of Sambhaji Brigade.

The conference is for “spreading the constitutional values” and “save it from the religious forces”, he said. Although he claimed that the conference is “not against anyone”, he said “if anybody creates any problem, we are capable of hitting back at them”.


The Samiti condemned the incident during Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech in Nagpur Thursday when a youth hurled a slipper at him. The youth was beaten up by some members present and then detained by police. Samiti members said they would not tolerate any such act and asked police authorities to take preventive action against those who have allegedly issued threats to Kanhaiya Kumar.

“We would be writing a letter to the police in this regard. In Nagpur, Bajrang Dal activists had openly threatened to disrupt Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech. Despite this, the police was unable to stop the hooliganism of Bajrang Dal and ABVP in Nagpur. We hope that Pune police will take proper measures to maintain law and order,” said Mao Chavan of AISF. The Samiti claimed it has got support from students of the Ranade Institute and FTII. Meanwhile, the press release issued by the Samiti mentioned the Kanhaiya will visit Mumbai, a day before on April 23.