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Kairana exodus: BJP MP Hukum Singh’s first list has more holes, 2nd one has ‘Hindu’ missing

The Indian Express had reported that many of the families on the first list had migrated from Kairana years ago for better jobs or education.

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Officials videotape house of Amod Jain who died 5 years ago. (Express Photo: Praveen Khanna)

HARD-PRESSED to explain his narrative of Hindus being driven away from western UP’s Kairana because of “threats” from a gang belonging to “a particular community”, BJP MP Hukum Singh Tuesday released a second list of names, this time from Kandhla in the same region.

The Indian Express had reported that many of the families on the first list had migrated from Kairana years ago for better jobs or education. Now, similar discrepancies have emerged in the latest list, with one key difference — the word ‘Hindu’ was missing from its title.

The title of the list of 346 names that Singh released last week was ‘Kairana se palayan karne wale Hindu pariwaron ki soochi’ (List of Hindu families who migrated from Kairana).


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The list from Kandhla, with just 63 names, was titled ‘Kandhla se palayan karne wale pariwaron ki soochi’ (List of families who migrated from Kandhla).

The Indian Express checked on names from both lists:


Narendra Jain and son Arun Jain are listed as residents of Saravagyan in Kairana. Srimander Jain, Narendra’s brother, said, “Narendra moved to Muzaffarnagar around ten years ago. His son is a contractor who moved to Delhi over five years ago for better business opportunities. They have houses here.” Srimander said Narendra’s family ran a few shops in Kairana’s Chowk Bazar area but moved out due to alleged harassment from street vendors and hawkers.

* Amod Jain, listed as the son of Roopchand Jain and a resident of Saravagyan, died around five years ago. Amit Choudhary, who bought Jain’s house in 2000, said he had moved out 16 years ago. “His son has been running a business in Delhi since 1995 and they own a house in Pitampura,” he said.

* Jagdish Jain, listed as a resident of Saravagyan, was living on rent in Amod Jain’s house. “He was a metre reader with the electricity board and got transferred to Badaut in 2008-2009,” said Rohit Choudhary, a neighbour.

* Pramod Jain and brother Rajeev Jain are listed as sons of Indrasen Jain and residents of Saravagyan area. Pramod Jain is a 67-year-old businessman who deals in rice and fodder, and still resides in Kairana along with his family, said neighbours. Jain and family were not present at their residence Tuesday. Rajeev Jain rented out his property and moved to Dehradun more than five years ago to run a tea business, said Rohit Choudhary, who stays two houses away.

* Pavan Jain, son of Janewshwar Das, is listed as a resident of Saravagyan. “He left Kairana three years ago for a better life and to be with his son, Ankit, who works in Delhi and was staying alone. He still owns the house here and visits often,” said Madan Kumar Jain, Pavan’s elder brother.

* Narendra Jain, son of Premchand Jain, is listed as a resident of Saravagyan. Jain’s tenant Swati said he moved to Panipat for better business opportunities in the carpet industry over five years ago.

* Arvind Singhal and brother Praveen Singhal, and their father Indrasen Patwari, are listed as residents of Gumbad Kalan area. A tenant, who did not wish to be named, said the three moved to Shamli around ten months ago, following extortion threats. “Their shop, house and godowns are still here. They do not live here but visit often,” said the tenant.

* Choudhary Bhupendra and brother Choudhary Jitendra are listed as residents of Shantinagar in Kandhla. Babita, their sister-in-law, said the two brothers and their families sold their properties and moved to Haridwar in 2014 for better jobs. “But now, they sell sugarcane juice there. They moved out during the Muzaffarnagar riots because they feared they would not be able to earn a livelihood in such an environment,” said Babita.

* Choudhary Rambir Singh is listed as a resident of Shantinagar in Kandhla. Surendra, a neighbour, said, “He left because of tension during the Muzaffarnagar riots and moved to Baghpat. His house has been rented out.”

* Ved Pal is listed as resident of Bada Bijlighar in Kandhla. His son Anil said, “My father moved to Panipat around three years ago to work as a plumber.”

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