Academic programmes going on as usual: Prof Bupinder Zutshi, Registrar, JNU

Over the last two weeks, the campus has seen constant protests and programmes, both in favour of and against students arrested. Here is the lowdown on the impact of the unfolding events on the university.

Written by Aranya Shankar | New Delhi | Published: February 29, 2016 2:48:42 am

How has the university been affected academically since the incident took place? Have classes been affected? And, have you received any complaints from students in this regard?

No, academic programmes are going on as usual after the incident. The classes, student presentations, MPhil/PhD viva voce, seminars, workshops are taking place as scheduled. This can be ascertained from the fact that you will find students using library as usual. Classes were interrupted only for two days due to student strike called by the JNUSU. No student has complained about the disruption either in the academic work or in the administration. JNU is altogether different from other universities. Both teachers and students continue their academic activities in spite of such incidents.

There have been reports that some teachers are also in the dock as far as the police case is concerned. Is the university also looking at involvement of teachers? Will they be asked to depose before the enquiry committee?

I have no knowledge about this. It is up to the Enquiry Committee to decide whom to call for deposition and whom not to. University does not interfere in the working of Enquiry Committee.

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Now that two new members have been added to the committee, will the enquiry start afresh? Is there a possibility of other members being added to the committee?

The Enquiry Committee is free to take call on this issue, whether they want to start the entire enquiry process again or continue as usual…

The JNUTA has targeted you and asked for your removal as registrar. The JNUSU is also in support of this demand. Why do you think they are targeting you?

This question should be answered by them. Everybody is free to have opinions. I just want to say that all decisions related to present incidents were taken collectively by administration and my job is only to sign on the papers as Registrar.

Have the police been in touch with you about the arrest of the three named AISA students who are still on campus? Have they asked for permission to enter the campus in this regard?

Police have not been in touch with administration since 13th February, 2016. We received few communications from them stating some information, which we have been providing as per the law. They have not been in touch with us about the arrests or for entry into campus. Nor have we approached them.

As told to Aranya Shankar in an email interview

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